Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Tangled Web.

Tangled Web

I believe in superstition. I believe friendships are sacred. I believe that if you make a promise and don't fulfill it you'll be cursed. I believe resisting the bad is the biggest addiction. I believe talking about good can turn it into bad and that bad can never be good. I believe that talking behind someone's back means you're letting yourself down. I believe black is the biggest turn on. I believe the best revenge is to stay quiet. I believe talking about sad things makes you vulnerable. I believe in telling after traveling.  I believe if you hurt someone you'll get hurt in return. I believe words are seductive. I believe that everyone should be judged by the good in them not by the bad in them. I believe doing is better than not doing, saying is better than not saying and feeling is better than not feeling. I believe that dreams always come true and oh, I believe in magic.

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