Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A not so proud Pakistani from Pakistan


Weird as it may sound but I am sure about one thing, every Pakistani, no matter how much they pretend to forget it, hide themselves and nationality, at the end of the day is a Pakistan and one way or the other, it shows. This happened with me today, he asked me not to name him but I thought I will share this with you all anyways. 

Me: Good Morning Sir.
Professor: Good Morning, sit down.
Me: Thank you.
Professor: So how are studies going?
Me: This semester has been really tough, finding it extremely hard.
Professor: Haha happens happens.
Me: Yes. haha.

Professor: So where are you from?
Me: Pakistan. 
Professor: Oh really? You don't really look like you are from Pakistan.
Me: Yes many people say that, pretty used to it. 
Professor: How are your assignments going?
Me: They are going alright, your lecture notes really help me.
Professor: I am glad.

Professor: So, where in Pakistan are you from?
Me: Lahore, mostly and then Islamabad.
Professor: Islamabad is a nice city.
Me: Yes it is the capital its really beautiful. Have you ever been to Pakistan?
Professor: *Smiles*

Professor: Is it still hot in Pakistan?
Me: Last time I was there It was hot, yes.
Professor: When will the other guys come? Its really late I have to leave.
Me: I just texted them they'll be here in sometime.

Professor: There was this college, Aitchison college, is it still there?
Me: Yes yes it is still there how do you know? *excitement in voice*

Professor: I did my FSC from there, you know like A levels here?
Me: Yes I know. That's really nice to know, so you were from Lahore? I mean are you from Pakistan?
Professor: No I am not from Lahore, I just studied there for college. Is it a university now?
Me: Not really.
Professor: I used to live in a village, then got a scholarship. It was the best college, I have so many memories.
Me: Pakistan is the best.
Professor: Haha.

Me: So, umm I always thought you were from Iraq, are you from Pakistan?
Professor: Haan beta, Pakistan se hoon.
Me: Oh aap Urdu b bol letay hain. *Wide big smile*
Professor: Kyun nahi, bas yahan aa k angrez bn gaey hain.
Me: Hahah yes it is true.
Professor: Urdu main baat karo mujhse.
Me: Kyun nahi sir, kyun nahi.

Professor: 1971 main FSC ki thi maiany, phir idhar aa gaya tha parhne ko uskay baad se idhar he hoon main.
Me: Kaafi time hogaya hai apko phir tow.
Professor: Ab tow kaafi develop hogaya hoga Pakistan?
Me: Kaafi change hogya hai, Pakistan bhi aur loug bhi.
Professor: Kabhi kabhi bohat yaad ata hai Pakistan.
Me: Same sir, mujhe bhi.

Professor: Beta ham se tow galti hogai ham idhar k he ho k reh gaey, tum Pakistan ko kabhi na bholna.
Me: InshaAllah sir, Pakistan nahi bholay ga, bohat khushi ho rahi hai k aap b Pakistan se hain.
Professor: I am a proud Pakistani, but Pakistan will not be proud of me.
Me: I am proud of knowing you, you are one of the best professors I have come across here.
Professor: Hahaha, my advise to you is that go back to Pakistan and serve it, you'll regret it many years later if you don't.
Me: Yes that is my plan someday soon.

Professor: I guess other guys won't come, you guys come and meet me tomorrow. 
Me: Okay sure, thanks for your time. *Turns to Leave*
Professor: Ruko.
Me: Jee.
Professor: Aaam abhi b meethay hotay hain? waisay he mazay k?
Me: Hahaha yes sir, bohat mazay k hotay hain abhi bhi.
Professor: Aur wo kya hotay thay, golgappay, wo bohat mazay k lagtay thay.
Me: Jee sab waisay he hai khanay peenay ka.
Professor: Chalo shabash jao ab, mujhe aur udaas na karo, Allah khush rakhay tumhe. 
Me: Hahah thank you so much.


  1. So amazing and sad that people want to come back to Pakistan but they can't and we all know why :(