Monday, March 30, 2015

Hopelessness in Hope

Hope Island

Written By: Zeyan Nadeem

We all hope that we can make others happy. Why is that? Why do we care about others happiness more than our own? At the end, the person we wasted our time for won't even value us a lot or just judge us in a negative way.  However, we humans are weird. Even after knowing this we would repeat this mistake over and over again. No matter what happens, we just don't get it. Haha I laugh at ourselves at times instead of feeling terrible now. We are such a joke.

I know that there are some people who only think about themselves and then they too are judged for doing that. Apparently the world is never satisfied with anything. I sometimes wonder what God thinks about us. Does He regret creating some of us? Well, I will just go ahead and answer my own question, no, He doesn't. Everyone is here for a reason, you just need to know what that reason is and then try to achieve or follow it. The problem is that we question Him for everything while having the answers in front of us. This is because we choose to ignore those answers as we fear what the society will think of us if we follow God's simple instructions. This mentality leads to nothing. The society holds us back from achieving our dreams and then we end up taking those ideas, those dreams, to the grave with us without accomplishing anything.

I have said this so many times and I will say it again, life is not about pleasing others, it is about sacrificing to achieve what is right. Sacrificing doesn't mean killing someone (we are not the Mayans) or abandoning people or things you love; it also means to forget what others think of you. I know it is difficult just to forget about what people think or want from you because your loved ones are also included in that, but our love ones in many cases are the reasons why we are held back from getting what we want. Kids nowadays think about becoming what their parents want them to become or being different to make their relatives, friends, or their significant other happy. This ends up holding them back from achieving what they are interested in. So we must stop wasting time thinking about others around us for once and think about ourselves. We need to forget about their judgment because it won't help us in anyway. And until we don't start sacrificing in life, we won't be able to get the success that we have wished for.

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