Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hope and Smile

Written By: Sania Shaheen.

Hope Is The Thing
Mothers sitting in the light when it's dark outside,
remembering their sons, buried in the warm snow
Sisters weeping and daughters clenching their woolen dolls tight.
How news came about it.
No cry, no whimpering, just silent tears.
A smile on the face, with memories rolling down.
How worried she is for her land,
137 members down of the clan.
Gone, gone and gone. 
Knows her sacrifice will come up,
Its not just her, not it's not. 
Its other 129 mothers too,
Joining in the Hunger Games,
Everyone's a winner, or there's none at all...
She forget's everything and wipes off her tears
And smiles for her land.
People stare and mock, the smile never leaves.
But they can't steal what she had and has
And all she answers is
..a smile. 

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