Saturday, March 28, 2015

But The Soul Suffers.

What a silly thing this brain of ours is… what strange emotions it makes us feel. Yes, the brain, not the heart. For we think, dwell needlessly on worldly relations, temporary alignments and superficial appearances, and then we contemplate that okay I should be sad about this, but angry about that, certainly let this one go, but hold on to this particular heartache just a little longer. This same small chunk of tissues is apparently responsible for human greatness too. Strange isn’t it? One person, one brain, scores of brilliant discoveries, amazing creative genius, but tons of crazily stupid personal decisions. 

God’s most perfect creation we call ourselves, why then are we so intent on making ourselves so miserably unhappy? Why does a person so logical and correct in every other perspective be so careless where their own being is concerned? Is it some sort of a technical glitch in this otherwise perfectly programmed tissue? Or is it just too busy sorting our higher priorities; the endless want of seeking approval and glory for the things you don’t like in the first place but do to fit in, be approved of and glorified. The latter I think, for God doesn’t manufacture faulty ware. 

The question at hand then is why human happiness and contentment is of secondary importance to multitudes of the human species itself? Is it selflessness, for the greater good as they say? No, I think not. This power hungry species with hypocrisy and cowardice to accompany them on their exploits has forgotten what it is like to be free of the life-sucking clutches of time, to be so infinitely happy that time itself stops for a moment to watch, to be contented enough to forgo this never-ending race of wealth and power. We have forgotten that happiness is more profound, more pure than all these superficial artefacts, so how can such an untainted and wholesome emotion be felt by such unfeeling beings? 

Are we indeed moving forward in the real sense of the world? We need to question ourselves, check our priorities in life and correct our ways before we lose ourselves in this labyrinth; enticing from a far, gloom clouds close up. We need to find answer before that alive, vibrant soul within dies of the wrong diet. 

Reflect. Seek. Find. Correct. Be happy, be alive.

Written By: Amna Aziz

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  1. A beautiful write Amna, this blog really touches the soul of the reader and makes one think.... or rather feel.