Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Cellphone Poem

Cell phone

Written By: Hameem Hussain

Why is it that, I am incomplete without you ? 
Why should my mornings start with you ? 
Why should my nights require your view ? 
Why should I need your presence? 
Why should I feel this undecipherable sadness? 
Why do you make me feel so incomplete? 
You guide me through world when I need.
Give me information by fastest means. 
You ease my life so differently, 
That it has turned to dependency, 
I touch you, I touch you and I touch you some more, 
And when I'm done, I want some more. 
For this relationship is not sane anymore, 
Sailing too fast, leaving me at shore. 
Dear mobile, I'm breaking up with you. 
For I don't wanna be incomplete anymore.

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