Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The UK Life - Ups and Downs

It is 4:13 AM, 12/10/2014.

Dear Diary!

Why are things so tough? Why does Allah test people so much? There are so many questions and complains but well maybe there is some betterment in what Allah does.

Must say living away from home, though sounds fun but is really tough, especially if you are living in an alien country and you are short on cash.

To be honest most of my time passes in the University as I have nothing much to do elsewhere. Lectures just fly away, though for now they have been too lengthy and sleepy. Got the first taste of the standby professor Howard Stephenson and he looks like a tough professor to convince and a little strict too.

During this week I had my first English Skills lecture too, in which we have a group of 10 people from different countries learning different skills, there are people from Iceland, Norway, Malaysia, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan and France so it is a good mix. Our first task was to introduce our partners to everyone which was fun. Well it is not a long course and except for the presentation part, I think it will go alright.

The Software part is getting onto me, really. I am really worried about how will I able to catch up with the people who have already worked on it for two years, so I tried to work and practice double but looks like I am overdoing things.

For the past two days, Police has been coming to my place and asking for my details again and again, not only me but all the other people living here too. It is a strange scary funny feeling.

There was a golden job opportunity and I was finally happy that my job was secured but then the unthinkable happened and I failed again. The manager asked me to come on the Wednesday, I went there on that day but there was a new manager now, he took me upstairs to give me the uniform but said I should come tomorrow as there is no uniforms available right now. I went back the next day and he asked me where my uniform was, and that I was supposed to buy my own uniform. I asked for another day and came back, but as soon as I reached back, got a few calls from someone from the restaurant to come back, I went back but the manager said we called you by mistake and wanted to call someone else, he told me in irritation that they don't want me to come anymore, thank you. I said thank you back and that was it.

I went to my friend's place to take the software, and met the PTI guy again, talked a lot about Cricket this time, I did get the software and was able to install it but too bad I don't have a mouse so wont be able to use it much on the laptop anyways.

Oh and also, I ate something other than Shawarma, half chicken with two naan, haha it was a nice change though the taste was no way near Pakistan.

Life is becoming so monotonous, I have been doing the same things again and again, I should try and enjoy things more and explore this area a little more as well. Need to offer prayers and recite holy quran as well that's the only way that I will have peace of mind and heart.

This completes my one month in the UK, overall it has been a good experience for me and except for a few hiccups I think I have done alright, have been strong for a change which I thought I wont be this time. There are days when I miss family and get really sad, hopefully I will be able to counter the ones which will come ahead, hopefully I will find a part time job soon , hopefully studies will go fine as well... hopefully this hopefully will come true.

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