Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The UK Life - Finally Settling In

Dear Diary!

It is 8th November, 0425h and I am unable to sleep! Last time I wrote was a long time ago which may indicate I have had a busy life or that things have been going alright, and to be very honest it has been a mixture of both.

University has been going alright I was actually very nervous about how I will manage to integrate myself with other students, dealing with the different ways of teaching and learning new software in such a short time but I have to say so far so good. I practiced the software a lot in the first month so now I feel I am getting the hang of it but the real test will begin when I will get proper assessments. Must say professors here have been really helpful, no matter what you wanna ask you can anytime, several times. There is a level of comfort which actually I am liking a lot.

I have been leafleting in the past few weeks, which at one hand is helping me earn cash but on the other hand is allowing me to get to know the nearby area, it has been fun so far except for a few incidents like a dog making me run almost half a kilometer.

The weather has been getting colder with every passing day, there was a phase in between when it felt as if summer time is returning but now proper winter has started I guess, they say this year snowfall will be more than the last couple of years so the signs are not so good. Though the weather is enjoyable.

My new hobby so far has been to go out on random street trips, getting to know the area whenever I get time. The weather and the places combine and allow me to keep walking for as long as I want. I have been to different parks, lakes, centers, shops. Observing people, the ways, how things are done, how people act and it is exciting as usual.

There have been some incidents, pleasant ones I must say during this time like me meeting a cute little boy, and presenting about a famous Pakistani personality which I will talk about in a proper separate post.

I have moved in the shared accommodation now and so far it has been good, we both get along well and it is fun must say my roommate is really funny.

Oh and I was also able to get training at a local takeaway on how to run the place. From making pizzas to burgers, to grilling chicken to making a chicken parmesan , to cutting vegetables to doing the dishes to making different sauces to taking orders, it was tiring but fun.

By the looks of it I have settled down nicely except for a few hiccups it has been fine so far, hopefully things stay the same. I really want to enjoy my time here and somehow I have not been able to do so. 

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