Friday, January 2, 2015

Struggling Ashley


Written By: Zoha Aziz

She liked the smell of her empty room. 

The blissful, independent smell of her solitude. 
She liked staring at the ceiling of her room, 
painted with invisible stars. 
The stars that told her -
how beautifully insouciant her heart is.
She liked the smell of cigarettes.
She smoked to escape reality.
That painful reality, and her torn dreams.
She liked listening to music to heal the scars on her heart, 
but no such luck.
She liked walking on wet grass with her,
favorite book in her hand and flowers in her hair.
She liked taking pictures of birds, 
envying them for they can fly and she can't.
She liked being unreasonably sad and depressed.
She liked to drink to face her fears. 
Her fears that were hidden in the arbour of her weary mind.
She liked writing about her arcane life.
She liked talking to herself while sitting on the toilet seat.
She liked to burry her head under her favourite pillow,
at 4 am and wonder how would it feel like to press her lips against his.
She liked drawing silly, 
nugatory patterns in her notebook to subvert convulsive thoughts in her mind.
She liked Collecting bottles of her favourite perfume.
She liked sitting in the corner of her room, near the balcony, 
a cup of coffee in her hand and stars in her eyes.

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