Sunday, January 25, 2015

Look At Me


Written By: Fizzah Aziz

Look at me,
What do you see?
Look in my eyes, 
Do  they tell a story?
Look at my lips, 
Do you get fooled by the smile?
Listen to my chatter,
The never-ending happy banter,
Ever wonder if what meets the eye is all?
Find me in my solitude, 
Do I still look the happy lark you see?
Listen, and not hear what I say
Do you not glimpse a little something more?
just dig a bit, maybe..
Scratch the surface, a little?
If you still see the gaily, laughing me..
Well, either I ma natural artist,
Or you, another one of them...
Looking but not seeing.
Hearing but not listening.
Being there, but not there at all.
You are one more blinded sympathizer. 

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