Wednesday, December 24, 2014

For the sake of smile on Quaid E Azam's face.

Jinnah Tomb

Happy Birthday Quaid E Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah!

Hope you are doing fine in the heavens, are in the best of health. You were not in good health when you left us on that road in Karachi on that extremely hot September day. We could not save you unfortunately, the ambulance was out of order, how unfortunate is that.

But you know, you left us too early, we needed you so much. We still do actually, too bad you are not around. Ironically you are the best leader we have had in the past 67 years, that's is because you were the best ever and because your next generation is not capable of doing what you did, the worst part is they don't even try to follow your footsteps.

You have away your life for Pakistan, you never let your tuberculosis be a hurdle in doing everything to give us Pakistan and work for its betterment, our current leaders, even if they have flu they run away to foreign countries for a checkup. Why are they not like you? They have their sons and daughters ready to 'lead' (eat) Pakistan in future, believe me, I would have loved your son or daughter to lead Pakistan.

You know what hurts? We only know about you as much as we need to write an essay in our class test or exam. We write all your quotes with a blue marker, or in quotes, but we NEVER ever give them importance, their importance is as much as getting good marks in your class test.

You know what hurts? They talk about Gandhi all over the world, when actually it was you, who was the bravest, most intelligent of them all. What do we tell the world when we don't even know anything about you ourselves.

You know what hurts? They all sit in front of your picture handing in the back, we all draw your portraits, paint you, like to update our display pictures on social pictures, call you the most handsome but NEVER learn anything from your life.

You know what hurts? You wanted us to work work and work for Pakistan, but look what we do? nothing. I know no one can go out and do anything but point is we don't even try, we don't even want to try, we just feel happy we are safe and alive.

You know what hurts? We make fun of you, we call you Amreeki Agent, we blame you for dividing subcontinent, we call your picture on our currency ' babay ki tasveer wala note ' we make jokes about you, your tomb is famous for drug addicts and couples, shame. Maybe we are getting what we deserve.

You know what hurts the most? You wanted us to take care of Pakistan, but look what we are doing with your country, we treat it as if it is not our country, we are destroying ourselves, killing each other, fighting among themselves, divided.

I try looking at your picture and I can't even look at it for more than a few seconds you know why? I feel ashamed and embarrassed because we are letting you down.

But hey, it is never too late is it? Maybe we can start from today?

One thing I know for sure, you still worry about us, you pray for us, you want to see us prosperous, happy and united. I guess it is about time we start playing our part, we start doing things at our own level that you expected from us, we start respecting you and come up to your expectations.

It is because of you that we are independent, proud, happy, we have had so many moments to cherish now it is our time to pay you back, by trying our best that we will treat everyone equal be it is a Shia, Sunni, Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, Punjabi or Pathan or Baloch or Sindhi and Kashmiri,We treat each other as Pakistanis after all we are Pakistanis and keep our ego aside.

Least we can do is to dedicate ourselves in our own capacity to Pakistan because we want to look at your picture with pride instead of embarrassment and want you to know that we tried our best for your Pakistan, our Pakistan and then imagine your handsome smile.

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