Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Son

Peshawar Attack
Four of the 141 kids who lost their lives in Peshawar Attack.

Written By: Kimz Aziz.

He said he had a fever,
I laughed and ignored.
He laughed too, because he was joking,
I won't hear his jokes anymore.

I asked him to get ready,
So that he could go to school.
I wish i hadn't asked him,
Oh, I was such a fool.

He wanted to become a soldier,
And serve his country.
Who knew his school would be blasted,
And i won't be seeing him again.

I sent him to school in a uniform,
I had cleaned it myself.
Now I have it in my hands,
Covered in blood, his blood.

They didn't just kill my son,
They killed a future soldier,
They killed a child,
They killed me too. 

I wish i had fallen for his trap,
I wish i had not ignored.
I wish i had said its okay son,
Today,you can stay at home.

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