Wednesday, December 17, 2014

16/12/14 - Peshawar.

Written By: Jaweriya Ahmad

16/12/14 - This day, will forever be remembered as one of the darkest days in the history of Pakistan. Why? Because we lost more than a hundred innocent kids in a heinous terrorist attack that morning. More than a hundred future doctors, engineers, architects lost. More than a hundred families ruined. More than a hundred dreamers killed, more than a hundred dreams shattered and above all, more than a hundred Malala Yousufzais killed— more than a hundred potential Nobel Peace Prize winners of the future killed. More than a hundred innocent kids, who woke up that morning to go to school, didn’t know they won’t ever be able to come back home.

Words are not enough to express my grief over this horrifying attack that my mind is still struggling to comprehend, but here’s a little something I wrote for all those little angels resting in heavens at the moment:

"Hey there, angel, I see so many stars in the sky tonight. I know you must be in heaven right now, playing with all your friends. It’s nice up there, isn’t it? I know you miss your mom, I know you miss your dad, they miss you too. We all do. A lot. Years from now, you’d all have become talented individuals had you not fallen victim of this terrible incident. But you know what? It was all God’s plan. This world is a bad place, full of bad people, and He didn’t want you to become like them, so He took you back, and He has already punished all those tall & ugly men who hurt you. You may have been gone, but I promise, you will never be forgotten. I promise that your sacrifice, your death, it won’t ever go unnoticed. I promise that we’ll bring your perpetrators to justice, each and every one of them, so no other kid should have to suffer the same fate as yours. I promise you’ll always be in our hearts. I promise you’ll always be remembered as a martyr. I promise you’ll always be a Hero. Rest in peace, angel!


a fellow Pakistani.”

A human, anyone with a heart, would never think of killing a child just for the sake of revenge, let alone hundreds of them. Should these terrorists be called Muslims? Should they even be called Humans? NO. They shouldn’t, because they aren’t. It’s not Islam that is the problem, but extremists with political agendas are. Every single kid who died in the incident was a Muslim and most importantly, a human. It isn’t about religion, it’s about power. It’s about time we exterminate the perpetrators of extremism (of all forms) in entirety so this world could be a better, safe place to live in - for you, for me, and for our future generations.


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