Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The UK Life - Weekends Fly Away

Linthorpe Road

One thing is worth noticing that weekdays pass crawling and weekend just flies away, haha that's what has happened this time around at least. Maybe that's because there was no such activity for me to do.

Friday was the first day and it was the Eid day as well, at least according to what my aunt told me. To be very honest I had no idea what so ever on how to spend the day so I thought it will be a good idea if instead of staying home all day I go to the university and study a little. That's what I did and well it was a satisfying feeling even though I had no clue what I was studying.

The stop at which I went with my friend for Shawarma, I thought it will be a good idea if I try and go there myself and try it and in a way give myself an Eid lunch. The shawara was delicious I ordered one extra naan and finally there was proper roti going in my stomach, can't even tell you what a good feeling it was.

There were two exciting things on the weekend though, Liverpool's football match which they won and my day was made, the second one was Pakistan's T20 match which we lost and my mood was spoiled. I paid my rent for this month though, 4 days late but I did. Just to make up for my mood after Pakistan's loss I went out and bought another Shawarma couldn't make my mood any better but well the tummy was satisfied.

It is Monday and Eid in Pakistan and really it was such a sad feeling knowing you are away from home and family and that you wont be able to eat all those delicious foods on Eid especially the barbecue, I woke up a little late and my destination was University, spent around 3 hours in the lab and then came back and planned to do some shopping.

The thing that bothers me is the way people shop here, so mannered and planned. I went in there to buy things but couldn't really force myself to stay in the line for minutes and wait for my turn so I went out, the moment I went out I got a call from a friend that he has talked to someone about my job and that I should go and meet them, so I did. They asked me to come on Wednesday for a trial day, told me I should not ask for vacations. Hopefully this time nothing will go wrong and I will InshaAllah start working and it will be a successful stint there for me, I really want to work but then there is something that is holding me back.

Really cold outside though, it has been raining since morning and I have been trying my best to keep myself warm.

After that I actually did go for shopping, bought somethings which hopefully will be enough for me to spend the week without dying in hunger.

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