Monday, October 13, 2014

The UK Life - A Trip to Westminster

London Eye

We had to visit Westminster today so I woke up early! The breakfast was cereal again and I had to eat forcefully once more. We had to travel by train today just so that I can have the ‘ experience ‘ of train ride. The oyster card worked here as well. You know what it is so simple, you don’t have to pay any cash for the bus or train ride, you just buy a card, top it up with cash and just scan the card on the bus and the train stations and travel, no worries and no tension. We picked the Distrit line which had to take us to Westminster, while the other line was the Piccadilly line. We reached the Westminster around 12 am and it was the most unbelievable sight, Big Ben and the parliament on one side, river tames and London eye. I wasn't feeling too excited about anything so didn’t enjoy that much, just took the pics. We passed the aquarium but sadly couldn't go in because we forgot the tokens home, There was a person singing in his beautiful voice and earning, you know way better than begging. There was an African week being celebrated with so many different activities being held, the two I attended were an African band from South Africa singing and playing the music with their mouth and the other was an acrobatic act of a group from Ghana. There were two burgers for me to eat for lunch which I ate readily as I was extremely hungry. We came back in the afternoon and I went out for a walk again in the evening for the same reason, there was a strange feeling looking at people around. 

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