Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The UK Life - Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Today we had to visit the National History Museum. The morning breakfast was extremely heavy. We went out walking and I topped up my oyster and bought my sim card. We traveled by bus today, it was a long ride, the bus broke down in between but another bus was waiting for us already so there was no delay. It was the first time when I was properly able to see the city, London is really one of the best cities in the world but in a different way. Oh and yes I was able to see people play cricket as well, white kit, red new ball and lush green outfield even for a club match, it felt so good. We reached the museum in the afternoon, the entry was free so we sat outside and had Pizza, the moment I entered the Museum it was another world, Dinosaurs, Whales, Animals, insects, what not. It wasn’t just statues and animal skins there but there was so much to do and learn, Games, audios, video documentaries, activities, visuals, there was a section where you could draw the animals, there was a section for brilliant paintings… In short it was a worthwhile experience. We came back by bus and most of my time was spent setting up the sim but I failed. I went out for a walk again in the evening and bought a scratch card. Walking was so easy here, there is so much to see that you don’t even realize how much time has passed.

There was no exceptional activity today so I woke up a little late. I went out for a walk early morning and bought a mineral water bottle. It was cold outside and I was just wearing an upper. It was cold but still everyone was awake in the morning started the day early. I will write properly about life in London sometime later but must say I have been really impressed. I went out for an extended walk today as I felt over eating and less exercise was showing its signs. Don’t wanna get fat yuno haha. I booked a room for tomorrow as we had to travel the next day so find a proper accommodation for me. I was forced to eat meat today and you have no idea what a torture it was. I had no wifi and gprs so all I had to do was to sit and watch tv and eat, just that. 

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