Thursday, October 16, 2014

The UK Life - Finding Accommodation

Victoria Bus Station

A really cold day, overcast weather and we had to go out at around 7 am to catch the bus. But before that we had to take a District line train to Victoria station, we had two bags with us so it was a really long and tiring walk and train trip. The bus was on time and there was no ticket, all we had to do was to show the text message we received while booking. The motor way blocked and the bus driver was unaware of that so we were stuck in traffic and it turned out to be one horrible journey, we reached the destination two hours late in the evening. Thankfully the Bed and Breakfast we had booked was of a Pakistani who came to pick us up, he showed us the room which was by no means worth living and he was really embarrassed about it, so he made up to us by taking us to the places we had to visit. We saw the room which was okayish, and for the time being we will be livng there just outside the city but near the university, that’s the only plus and the minus point at the same time. We came back and slept early as we had to travel again tomorrow.

In hope that the roads will be opened and the bus will arrive on time we went back to my room to leave all the luggage we had brought with us, we had no clue of the surroundings so Google maps helped us a lot, you know what gprs was working without internet, strange but true eh! It helped to a limit only and we were lost soon, we asked a guy to tell us where the terminal was and not only did he guide us, he walked with us all the way to the terminal, confirmed from the authorities and then came back and told us this is the exact bus terminal we are looking for! It was so nice, people are really helpful here. We reached the bus terminal one our early but our bus was not showing in the schedule, we sat and sat at the terminal there was no one to get any kind information, our bus came two hours late, again. It was one tiring long journey back to the train station, from the train station to home. We had barbecue for dinner, and you do know it is my favorite so my mood was a little better.  My cellphone was finally working a little so I was able to use the internet for sometime on the terminal. I slept early as I was really tired.

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