Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Death Mode


 Written By: K.A

My heart beats fast,
There is something I cannot grasp
As it approaches me
I realise that its a blast.

I am in severe pain
My heart finds no love to gain
I am nothing without love
I am nothing without my past.

My heart aches in fear
My cheek wet with tear
I cannot feel anything
As my death comes near.

I am scared to die so soon
I still have to reach the moon
I have got dreams to fulfil
As sparkling as a silver spoon.

As twilight approaches
As the dark falls all over
I'm sad to leave this place
But i know my life is over

I realise it's the end of the road
The end of my beautiful journey
Bt before i go,I leave you a little note
I am not leaving you forever
God has just turned on the death mode.

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