Wednesday, July 23, 2014


 Written By: K. A.

It's funny how life treats you with such cruelty sometimes
It expects you to be brave but gives you no thread to hold on to
You freak out, you cry, you burn and you die from the inside at times
Because you know that even though you're surrounded by people still no one loves you.

It's funny how you die from the inside every single day
But you don't let the world know of this at all
You go through shit but still they say
You're not old enough to be on your own so when you're in trouble just give us a call.

They don't understand you, do they?
All they know is how to make it worse
They're your enemies they don't want your happiness to stay
They're pledged to evil they want to put you under a curse.

You're stronger than them
You're stronger than you think you are
Because you're nothing but a pure gem
And devils, that's what they are.

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