Monday, July 21, 2014


Friendship Bonds
As the time goes on, new people keep coming in your life and old ones maybe left behind.

Written By: Maham Arshad

There is this question which always keeps coming in my mind and that is ‘Why people change’? I thought a lot on this and then realized, it’s not the people who change. It’s their priorities which change.

A person sets his priorities while keeping his surroundings in mind. He makes friends accordingly, too. In the beginning, the people whom he thought would come out to be the best as friend may not always remain the best. Now, the question arises, “Why they don’t remain the best?”

As the time goes on, new people keep coming in your life too. Sometimes, among those new people you find someone with whom your bond is much more stronger than the previous ones. It’s not that you intentionally start maintaining a distance with the old people but it just starts increasing. It’s not you who is the defaulter but the that bonding property which Allah created among two people.

Allah knows well who’ll do better with whom, so we humans are no one to complain for anything. If any two people get separated, that’s because their fate. We should never complain to people for creating distances or whatsoever.

Accept Allah’s plannings and move on!

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