Saturday, May 17, 2014

Man and God

 Written By: Maryam Hasan

Man is flawed, man is weak,
Man knows not his place to be;
Man cries in pain, man hides his tears,
Man knows not whats meant to be;
He is weak to love, he is weak to emotions,
Man controls not how his heart is to beat.
Man is drawn to the blinding worldly lights,
like a moth to a flame,
Little does he know though,
this world can never quench his thirst with all the money and the fame.
His worldly, material love for things will never go away,
it shall keep on increasing by the day;
Until he kneels to the ground and says His name,
That’s when he knows he has found a way;
Placing his forehead on the ground, he changed his fate,
Yes, in Sujood, he found his peace.
The message is quite simple, though not easy to grasp,
Running after the world will only earn you His Wrath;
For it is nothing but exhaustion,
It is endlessly running round in circles,
Whereas His Love can take you breathtaking places;
He shows you His Light, He shows you His Mercy,
And He is the only One for Whom striving for is truly worthy.

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