Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pakistan and its Cricket Team

Pakistan Cricket Team

Written By: Fatima Faisal

Switching to the news channel on our televisions, the only BREAKING NEWS that shoots our adrenaline level to its highest altitude and brings a 240 volt bright smile to our (well, 'at most' to a cricket fan's) face is the news of  Pakistan Cricket Team winning.

Why is cricket the heartbeat of the people of Pakistan? Why is it largely followed than any other sport despite not having International cricket in the country since 2009, after the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Gaddafi Stadium,Lahore? Yes, you spotted the phrase, didn't you? 'TERRORIST ATTACK'.

Terrorism has completely enveloped the 'Land of the Green'. The unidentified men (who will remain unidentified till the end of this world) sprawl on the streets leaving them ajar; and the people terrorised. The streets that once blossomed with the laughter and jubilation of the kids playing street cricket are now left with nothing but motionless corpses.Sadly and unfortunately. In fact, the Basant Festival that we once used to celebrate ;also succumbed to the terrorism which is so prevalent in our country.

Coming back to original topic-cricket. Our team is known for it's unpredictability and incalculability. For always going against the odds , and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat and sometimes letting the shark snarf down victory when defeat is nowhere to be seen. Literally. Well, the team is called 'unpredictable' for a reason.

If , for once, the playing conditions of the test cricket playing countries and Pakistan are compared, the jaw dropping (or maybe the whole skull bursting) gap of facilities and poise could be noticed. Match fee given to the players playing domestic cricket is Rs.2500 which is around £5 internationally,which is the cost of buying dog biscuit for one's pet.

Not only that, the cricketing nurseries are barren of basic facilities. Absence of International cricket being the 'permanent' factor, the new players possess zero experience of international matches , which at the end, makes a winning difference in the matches played. The incentives are spent everywhere but on the cricketing grounds by the 'headless horsemen' appointed out of nowhere.Thank you very much.

Apart from the Muppet show-the shuffling  of the chairman and  the board hardly hiring the former Pakistani cricket stars as coaches (the Pakistani veterans like Wasim Akram ,Waqar Younis  and Saqlain Mushtaq that other cricketing countries appoint), the communication gap with the ICC(International Cricket council), and ICC considering PCB(Pakistan Cricket Board) not less than an amoeba has further worsened the scenario.

But pushing behind all these factors that seem irreparable, the 11 men put up a substantial performance out of abysmal.RIDICULOUS! Team Pakistan wins passionately and loses even more passionately. The boys in green bring people on the streets, but for all the right reasons.Pakistan Cricket demands every second of our attention for better and for worse. After all what it is going through, we should realize the enormity and containment of the team. 

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