Thursday, April 17, 2014

Friends Froever

Friends Forever

I always tell myself that when you find someone worth knowing, just don’t let them go away. But to be honest I am not good at telling people how much they mean to me. Weird isn’t it? Judging by the speed at which I complement people.

You already know I don’t let people get close to me because it makes me vulnerable.

But you, yes you, it is really strange, to be honest I thought I will never get to talk to you. I resisted, then you talked and I told myself here is your chance, if you want her to be your friend, get to know her, and don’t mess up.

Oh and wasn’t I nervous. Every time we talked I was thinking what if she minds something? What if she stops replying? How will I make her talk? What if she got bored? All the strange thoughts skulked through.

You are really nice and caring; at least that is what I have learnt about you until now.

Don’t take it in a wrong way but you are the type of girl who attracts me. Like the type I actually feel like talking myself. The type who is complicated but deep down is so simple. The intimidating but fun type Moody and an artist and more importantly you are the type who is pretty but doesn’t really have the attitude problem.

And yes my heart skips a beat whenever I try and open your display pictures.

Just so that you know, I care for you, and as time will pass you will only become more important for me. As much as this thought scares me it makes me so happy too.

I will be there for you whenever you need me, whenever you are sad, whenever you want someone to talk to and whenever you need to take your frustration out on someone… I will be there.  I want to be there. I will consider myself lucky.

All I expect in return is that you be honest … if you hate me someday you can tell me, if you have any complains you should tell me, if you don’t like anything I do just let me know, if ever I cross a limit, stop me. I won’t mind anything, I never do.

The only time I get confused and mess up things is when someone holds back on their feelings about me good or bad, hides something because I may ‘mind’ or etc. When I know someone trusts me, when I know how much they expect from me, it brings the best out of me. Hope you got my point? I hope you did.

So well you can trust me in everything you want to, I will try my best not to let you down, just by the way, I know I can trust you. And just so you know the more you trust me the more I will trust you, the more you get consider me a close friend, the more close I’ll be. But please never change.
Okay wow, one page has completed, I had just two three paragraphs in my mind.

I don’t care if you are a terrorist, if you think I am an alien, if you think you do weird things, If you think I am Voldemort.. I really don’t.. I will always judge you on your good things.

If you do crazy things I will do all the crazy things with you, if you sleep talk I will act I sleep talk too, if you say weird things while you are sleepy, I’ll do the same. If you want to climb K2 someday I will be there with you.

I should stop now.

Stay the way you are and never change, because you are perfect this way.

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