Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Unnoticeable Acts of Kindness

Aren't they the most adorable kids you'll ever see? Do you see how cute their smile is. Sadly though, they cannot see.

Usually I avoid reading Pakistani newspapers, they are all about rape cases, killings, blame games. But this morning I was going through some online editions and suddenly saw this photo.

Muhib Shah lives in Peshawar and is a technician who works really hard to earn a living. He has been blessed with six kids, three of them are blind. Alishba, Sameer and Talha are their names.

Sameer is the eldest of the three and although he is blind he has completed his primary education. He wants to study a lot and become a ' bara aadmi ' so he can help his parents, do something for his siblings but he knows he has no eyes and his parents have no money so he may not be able to fulfill his dreams.

Alishba is the younger one and all she wants is to see her parents, see the park she plays in with her own eyes.

All three of them want to go out and play, go to their school, participate in the colorful events like normal people, but they can not, just go go to the washroom they have to depend on their parents or even their eldest sister, Esha.

No father can see his kids imperfect so Muhib Ali even with his limited resources tried his best that his kids are able to see.

He took them to Lahore, Islamabad and even Karachi, to the biggest hospitals of the country like Shia Hospital and Mission Hospital, even spent 100,000 rupees on the cure but the way things are, he needed way more cash than that.

His overall financial problems didn't allow him to pursue the cure. He has spent so much that now he can't even manage a normal living for his family and sometimes they has to sleep hungry.

Just imagine the situation, he knows his kids can be cured, he knows they can see again and live a normal life, all he has to do is to take them to the hospital in Lahore, but sadly he doesn't even have enough money to pay the bus fare. I don't think anyone can be more helpless.

Thanks Allah we all are born in a good family, we have everything in life we can wish for, we are healthy. I just can't imagine what the family must go though everyday, what the mother would feel every night she sleeps, what the father must think every time he looks at his children.

Our TV channels promote so much negativity, but this one time. They showed a 2 minute report on this helpless family in which the kids said what they said in their cute voices, the father literally pleaded for help. Thanks to this report on Express TV, the owner of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz has taken the responsibility of curing these three cute kids.

Just think.. they will be able to see, they will be just like all of us. Their parents will feel so happy I just can't even imagine the happiness.

These minor, unnoticeable acts by random people is the reason Pakistan is surviving, I am damn sure about it, we have the worst leaders, corrupt people everywhere, we do everything wrong one can imagine, but these small acts of kindness, they just negate everything bad happening around.

Makes my day this, InshaAllah some day when I am capable enough, if Allah blesses me with enough, Instead of writing about such things, I will want to do something similar.

We all should, because we all can, even now. Just look around I am sure there are many opportunities for all of us and trust me there is nothing more satisfying than making others happy. Look at the photo once again, anything for those cute smiles.

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