Monday, March 3, 2014

My Amazican Life

Hey Bro, Sup with you nigga?  Hahaha, just kidding. Hello everyone.

Two crazy months! Or let's say busy months, or let's just say .. two months in which I actually had something proper to do.

America has been really kind to me. No matter how much I hate it, gotta admit they don't make you feel you're an Asian, they treat and respect you like you're an American. Well that's my experience at least. No matter how much I hate it, gotta admit it is one of the most versatile country, you'll find every type of people here, you can do and see and learn so much.

I'm loving the fact that every new day there is something to look forward to, every day there is some new excitement and adventures awaiting. Not saying this generally, it actually is the case.

For once I have a settled routine. Waking up, going out for jogging. Yes, when the surroundings are beautiful you actually are able to go out and jog without getting bored. Working at the Burger King was more of a fun thing for me initially, but all the dollars and the fact that I've made a few friends there makes this dull routine, worth.

Coming back home, the family I live with are a family of 8 people. Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Peter, Aunt Maggy. Oh and not to forget the three cute little kids they've got. Alice, Nelly and Austin. Umm, add the dog too Musamba, they consider it a part of their family.

Most of the stuff I buy for myself is eaten by Alice and Austin. They are the three cutest little kids I've ever come across. More than anything here I love spending time with them, noticing the most stupidest of things they do, actually being stupid with them, it is fun 'yuno' (Yeah, American style yuno)

This reminds me, the thing I hate the most here is ' yo nigga, sup nigga, whatcha doin mayn ' type people. Oh my! If only ... Trust me I just feel like strangling the ones who use such language.
There's one more thing that is annoying; halal food is not easily available and that I have to cook most of the things myself (Most of the things just include different types of eggs and potato etc) Thanks though, this Muslim family who lives nearby help me a lot with the food and stuff. Would have died of hunger, or would have turned into an egg myself. I miss those Chicken Handis, Barbecue dinners, parathas. Haha, oh Pakistani food is love isn't it.

Wait.. I was talking about the routine, so yeah! I come back in the evening and what I love doing is to go out for a walk, just stroll around, observe the people, the surroundings, the sky, the setting sun, feel the cool breeze. Most of the people in the evening are out for a walk and that's the most lively you'll see America, in the evening.
It was one of these evening walks that I finally saw some Pakistani here and finally made a couple of desi friends, at least I don't have to talk in English with them, at least I can talk in Urdu. I mean khul kar bolnay ka apna he maza hai, english bol bol kar mun main dard hojata hai.

I've developed interest in football now, and I absolutely love Liverpool play. Following them at the start of the season was one of the best decisions ever they have such a rich history. Luis Suarez, wow he plays well.

Let me be honest, I miss Pakistan more than anything. Especially when we win a cricket match. That happy feeling, that carelessness with which you can run here and there, shout loud and etc without worrying that you'll disturb your neighbors.

At the same time I feel free, no tensions, no worries, nothing. Just me. Just doing whatever I feel like doing, going where ever I feel like going.

Oh and most of these people don't know what cricket is. I mean can anyone be this ignorant? They don't even know they are missing out on one of the best sports in the world, I bet they'll forget the baseball once they actually develop some interest in cricket. Cricket... Cricket... Cricket... Hah! I feel like talking about Cricket everywhere these days. 

Okay I didn't wanna include cricket here but OH MY GOD! What a match it was yesterday. It was just unbelievable. It was the most tense match of my life, how badly I wanted Pakistan to win. How hopeless I was with 20 overs to go, how sure I was we will win it in the last over, how shocked I was when Shahid Afridi hit that last six, how emotional I got when I realized we have won a memorable match.

Hate to admit it, but I had tears in my eyes. Thanks Allah so much! Perhaps the only thing left that unites Pakistan. Hope we go on to win the cup again!


  1. you fail to disappoint... i have read only God knows how many of your posts today... My eyes are a little red now from staring at the screen too long... but you are brilliant.. you write simply but say a lot. Really enjoying reading your posts!