Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shahid Afridi: The Man Behind Drone Attacks.

Written By: Rana Talha Asfar
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Shahid Khan Afridi, apparently a 23 year old cricketer playing for Pakistan since 1896. But hang on, he is not what you think! He has made our country suffer more than anyone else has. Let me show you how.

Mullah Afridi involved in target killing.

Ghor se dekhiye iss shakhs ko! Yehi hai woh! It’s because of him USA is doing drone attacks one after the other, and you think it’s the Taliban. Tsk. Silly silly people. If he can cost us every single match, why is it so hard for you guys to believe me when I say he is the one responsible for suicide attacks and target killing incidents? I mean we win, it’s Afridi, we lose, it’s Afridi, light comes, it’s Afridi, it rains, it’s Afridi. That guy is responsible for every single thing happening in this world isn’t he?
Ap ke geyser main garam pani bhi Afridi ki wajah se khatam hota hai pata hai? Oh I have to show you guys everything.

Look mom! Afridi took a bath
I think this is why humaray geyser main garam paani nahi aa raha
So Afridi uses hot water in your geysers as well. Another reason to hate him. Clapping hojaye?

Ammi abbu se lar k maikay chali gayeen, Afridi out jo hogaya tha. 

Gala kharab hai khaansay hain dekho bachay khu khu khu kyun? Afridi yaar, Afridi out hogaya.

“Aray Babloo tumhara sabun slow hai kya?” “Haan na Afridi bc jo out hogaya :(“

Potty nahi aa rahi? Afridi.

Meera ki video bhi mera khayal se Afridi ne Naveed k laptop se nikaal k expose ki thi.

Afridi is everywhere, he is responsible for everything happening in this country.

No, seriously. Each and every single person in the team fails, doesn’t matter. Afridi fails and world starts experiencing an apocalypse. Top order batsmen get out without making an impact, fine. Afridi gets out on duck, it’s a matter of life and death supreme court tak baat chali jati hai jaise toheen-e-adalat case ban gaya ho.

It’s a team effort but Afridi is responsible for the loss okay? One man cannot make us win the match but you know Afridi didn’t perform it’s only his fault we lose matches! Screw You Afridi!! :(  

Shaking hands with Manmohan Singh? This guy must be a RAW agent in disguise :@
Come on people, he has made you proud more times than he has failed to do so. His achievements outnumber his failures. Learn to respect your legends. They worship Sachin Tendulkar in India and even he gets out on duck. Shahid Afridi is not even close as a batsman to what Sachin was, Afridi in fact is a HORRIBLE batsman who has NO BRAIN at all. But this brainless freak has given you happiness, you just can’t deny this. He has spread smiles, given you the happiest moments of your lives, moments of pride and triumph. 30th March 2011, Mohali. “I am sorry to my nation”. Oh thy mankind, who says that after losing? Just give him some respect he deserves.

I’mma take you higha!
Lota Afridi fan:

When he fails: Fuck Afridi. BC ko nikalo team se.

When he performs: Lala mera lala. I love you lala. Cha gaya lala. Chummi de de lala. Bhen ka rishta lele lala.


Thand lag rahi hai? Afridi ne pankha chalaya hoga :@

Form is temporary class is permanent*. 
*If you don’t pass your exams.


  1. My heart goes out to the writer, I couldn't agree more. One of the best post I've read lately. Keep up the good work :D

  2. Thanks Aqsa, thanks in place of the writer :)

  3. Hahaha I can simply die of laughing hahahah RTA what da hell =D =D

  4. Rana Talha AsfarMarch 1, 2014 at 2:53 PM

    Haha thanks guys

  5. Brilliant! like right now everyone is in love with him... but if he does not perform in the next match it is the end of the world!

    but screw haters will always hate! he is a star and some of us realize it!