Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just a Dream


Written By: Bareera Rufi
In the midst of night, as I closed my eyes.
Lying, wondering, a stream of tears flowed.
Followed by flashbacks,
watching as the sky changed to twilight,
Up from the heavens came a loud voice.
Soothed my heart, relaxed my mind.
The questions remained unanswered,
the voice remained unheard.
Tho unable to cherish the memories again,
Yet just meeting you once in a dream was enough.
Seeing a glimpse of you was enough,
Your smile was enough.
Enough to break my heart into pieces again.
Enough to remind me of you again.
Enough to let the tears flow away.
I wanted to run, hug you tightly 
and promise to never let you go again.
But the fate had chosen the other way round.
As I opened my eyes, realized that it was just a dream.
Not just a normal dream, but still a dream.
You never were back as I continued to live in dismay,
waiting for you to come back since long,
still the hopes lingers and the pain hinders.

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