Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bursting Hopes


Written By: Miim Oxford, France.

I don't wanna sleep anymore without learning something new. Green-Ostrogradski theorem. A wall under a bridge. New footpaths. Books on the list. New acquaintances. Unexpected sources of joy. I hope you live forever because that is what I've planned to do and one thing is sure : I'm gonna need you. This is investment. Not recognizing voices. Eyes that can't get open. Vocabulary words. A fast whom existence I ignored. 

People that get worried. The absolute trust of a pet in his master. To Dialogue with Allah. A Cole that started bad. A Cole that ended good. A Cole that has to come. Pens with endless ink. Different receptions. Not expecting thing is a way to combat disappointment. Allah who gives you "Sabar" and other "Sabar" that are being shattered. Hopes that born, grow bigger, become enormous and then burst with a big splash ! A prediction that became true. Offer a gift rare and precious : donate your blood.

Seven answer for one determinant. Core electrons and valence electrons. An orange stabilo that gave up the ghost. Planck constant, screen constant, ideal gases' constant, Boltzmann constant, Avogadro constante, Area constant...Coefficient directer, coefficient d'extinction molaire, coefficient de proportionnalit√©,... A blue ruler that reflects memories. A yellow hope notebook. Opaque transparents. A 500 blanck papers bloc. Oscillators' chain. Proc Proc Thierry Bonjour !od, if, return, print, "happy birthday to you, but I'm not sure if the date is true" Cups of tea, My cup of tea. A refreshing colle to feel better ! Trivialize a determinant with circular permutation. An Antidiagonal determinant. A reestablished connection ??? RED, REd, Redred...

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