Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year it was For Me, 2013.

Goobye 2013

Every year has some good and bad moments, something to feel happy about, something to regret, something to change, something to savor, something to remember.

This year was no different for me, in fact it has to be one of the most happening years in my life, for all that happened, I am sure it was for good.

I had made 5 new year resolutions and I guess out of those five I was able to fulfill almost 3.5. Not bad eh? Keeping in mind the world had to end in December 2012 so most people didn't really worry about resolution.

Thank you Everyone.

First and foremost thanks to Allah for everything. He blesses me more than I ever deserve, Allah has been really kind and even when I don't offer prayers regularly, even when I don't give enough time to Allah, whenever I do, whenever I pray for something, whenever I am down. He listens, He just does.

I have the best family in the world and I mean it. Ma sha Allah! Thank you, I couldn't have asked for anything more with such great people around me to support me.

It will be unjust to name specific people but I couldn't feel more lucky to have so many friends around me, who no matter what are there whenever I need them. All of you who support me through my tough times, give me confidence to do more and more, to be a good person in life, to achieve more, to push me up when I am down, to keep me within limits when I am crossing a line. It really is a great feeling. Thank you so much!

Also thanks to all the people who don't like me, maybe have problems with me and who believe on others about me more than me myself, you know there are people I don't like either, or I hate them. Like that Sri Lankan keeper Kumara Sangakara. I really hate him. So it is alright you know. When someone tries to bring you down and you try to stand your ground, it always makes you stronger, and it really did make me strong.

Best Moments.

When Pakistan reached the Semi Final of  T20 World Cup. I really was the most happy person that day. Pakistan had beaten Australia, it was nerve wrecking to watch the match but the worst part was that South Africa had to beat India for us to qualify. I was jumping around everywhere that night. So happy I was, I just can't explain in words.

Working as a PTI Tabdeeli Razakaar was the best feeling I ever had. I write a lot about Pakistan, promote and stuff but this was my chance to do something practical for Pakistan. Going door to door, asking people to vote for PTI, to change Pakistan, those emotional PTI songs playing all day, sweating and thirsty but still working in 50 degree Celsius in villages. Those days and this experience was an eye opener for me, and something I will be proud of all my life.

Could not vote but I tried changing Pakistan. I made people vote. I forced people to vote, I argued with people. I am really thankful though, people really were kind. Will you ever feel better when you know people from other cities, even people from USA, UK, Malaysia, Norway, South Korea just came to Pakistan to vote because I convinced them. Sending me videos, messages  It was just amazing.

Finding Neverland Blog

Finding Neverland Blog won 5 awards this year, thankfully! But the best has to be the one that I didn't win. It was the IndiBlogger Awards in India, where Finding Neverland Blog came second among all the blogs including thousands of Indian blogs, and it is India we are talking about.People from 207 Countries around the world viewed the blog, more than 400,000 blog views in one year, I couldn't have asked for more thanks Allah. What I love more is that not even boys and girls, but even elders take interest in the blog.

Worst Moments.

I shouldn't really be talking about the worst moments of the year, that's nothing to write about you know. All the tough times I have now finally realized are a test and that tough times pass, and that you can really help yourself, in fact you are the only one who can help yourself to get out of the tough times.


I traveled and I really loved it. Although most of my traveling ventures weren't for actually traveling but still it was fun, I really want to travel whole world one day.

I had some health related issues but things have been better thanks Allah.

I finished reciting the whole Quran Pak again in Ramadan and it was a big satisfaction.

I still fail to make up my mind if I like summers more or winter. The summer this time was really tough, without electricity.

Raafay Day.

I actually wanted a low profile birthday this year but that didn't really happen. Thanks to everyone who did so much. A friend sent me a video in which she asked two poor little kids to cut a cake on my birthday, that was such a great feeling. Several friends sent me birthday videos, cards, long wishing mails, some even tried to trend it again on social networks. Some called from countries around the world. The famous family birthday dinner was there which I love the most, because I love food the most.

I Am Sorry.

I'm really sorry if I have ever hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally. Disrespected or didn't obey. I really never mean to hurt anyone and try my best to be nice and respectable with everyone, if I ever failed to do so I am sorry. If you ever felt I didn't talk properly or ignored, trust me that wasn't the case. I am so not good at expressing my feelings but I really do care for everyone and each and everyone of you means a lot.

New Year Resolutions.

I will be more regular* in offering prayers
I will do anything and everything for Pakistan I can.
I will travel Europe, hopefully InshaAllah.
I will try and start eating vegetables.
I will become try to take a step forward in being a Cricketologist.
I will make good people my new friends.
I will try and learn German or French.
I will try and taste Kit-Kat, Coffee, Milo, McDonald's first time in my life.
I will be nice to everyone and will try and help everyone I can.
I will try an set good examples for everyone from my own life.
I will try and not bite my nails when Pakistani Cricket team is playing.

Lessons Learnt. 

It changed me, 2013 did actually change me. I was able to learn a lot this year. The best part of this year was observing people. Observing the things around me, It just excites me so much, how people are. How they hate, how they show their love, how they pretend, how they try and help, how they create problems.

There were times when I felt on top of the world, the luckiest person in the world. There were times I thought I am the worst, and that things can't get any worse. Years will pass, they'll teach you good and bad, it is on us to differentiate what is right or wrong.

But well all these cycles of good and bad are a part of my life, in fact everyone's life. But you know life moves on, if you be good to others, think good for others, you'll eventually get good. If you have the will power you will eventually achieve your aims, and fulfill all your new year resolutions, in fact everything you wanna achieve in life.

Happy New Year, May this be one of the most memorable years in your life and Allah bless you with good health and success in life - Ameen.

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  1. When you come in France, let me be your guide ! I can talk three languages : English, french and Urdu . Well a little bit of Punjabi, Spanish and few words of Sindhi...But i hope we won't need it.