Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Journey so Far- Striving to become a Political Scientist

Shah Latif College Hyderabad

Written By: S S.

An unforgettable adventurous life from city's well known, expensive college to a cheap government institute for ordinary people. Or in other words for Ghareeb Awaam (Poor people). After I got done with my high school there was a BIG QUESTION MARK about 'where would I take admission'. Beyond doubts, it was one of the biggest decisions of life. Our this decision decides where we would be in future. So, this decision was some how extraordinary for me than rest of others. I wanted to study Social Sciences.

This is something different that I have chosen to accomplish from the rest of my family. I want to learn about my country , I want to know about Pakistan's local people. I want to experience common people's life routine. I want to endure and learn about their every local issue and to comprehend them. I want to solve their problems and learn about solutions as well. Precisely, I want to know about 80% population of Pakistan, As 80% population of Pakistan is compressed of middle class + lower class and for the completion of my this motive I had chosen to enter in ordinary, local, cheapest but very ancient college of my town, Hyderabad.

For my this absolute decision I had to face severe criticism, even still going through it. Sometimes, it seems hard to stand for my own desire in front of our so called burger pretenders. Sometimes, it becomes really hard for me to safeguard my dream of serving this land of pure, and its people. Mostly, when I think about my aim to serve Pakistanis, my errand to secure my land from cave men and enemies, I laugh at myself and question myself that why I have been carrying this impossible dream, that how could it be possible for a little town lady to come forward at parliament or at any other prominent and authorized platform to secure Pakistan, to bring happiness to common people. If not happiness then at least the basic needs of clothes, shelter, food, good quality of education and security.

Especially I want to eliminate Sectarian System. I don't want Pakistan where people are being killed by cave men in the name of Islam.I don't want that Pakistan where children are kept away from Polio Campaigns as people term it un-Islamic. I don't want that Pakistan, where females are deprived of their basic rights and their higher education for the sake of Islam, Irony!. Though Islam is the only religion which speaks of rights of feminine. The Government College I have chosen for this purpose has the honor to stand in the list of most ancient colleges of Hyderabad. As it was established in 1965. When there was almost nothing to educate girls on higher or post graduation level. Despite all the criticism, I'm proud to be a part of a government institute. Because I've learnt that critics will criticize you in all impossible and possible ways whether you do something or not. So it would be better to be criticized after achieving your aim.

Here, I've experienced some different things. Here, I had stood in a long row to submit my admission form. This is something I had not faced in my 12 years of my literary years. I saw different students from different walks of life. All were simple and Fake- Proof. The attention seeking thing was that they were all genuine unlike all those who I met in my old institute. I saw them discussing fee structure, though most of them couldn't even afford it. My heart sank to hear one of them and I wished I could do something worthy for them. My first class: 26,Nov.2013, The day when I took my first class in GSL college. I was running with high dose of excitement as I was finally going to study which I wanted to do since 2008. 2008, when I was aware of Awaam ( people) and their masaeel (problems). When I gained complete consciousness to do something good. Which makes difference. So my very first class had surprised me so surprisingly that I couldn't understand that what kind of surprise it was.I was jolted by my soul at an extreme level.

I had heard several things about Govt. institutes and their teachers. But my first class had crushed all the fabricated misconceptions. I found few professors and lecturers devoted and sincere to their profession, loyal to their duties and Pakistan. I didn't feel any difference between APS and GSL during the lecture. For a while, I had forgotten that I'm sitting in ordinary Govt. college on wooden furniture, despite of comfortable seats of APS, Students were good to me, they welcomed me with a warm heart. I was so surprised to see the level of admiration for me in their eyes, this was something I hadn't reckoned.This devotion, I had not expected. I didn't assume that it'd be too early to mingle with them. Their level of affection is appreciable. This is what I didn't face in fame-full institutes.

I re-gained my confidence here which I had lost somewhere in those famous institutes. My local people, my own people! they know how to love without being loved. The only thing they need is people to be sincere with them. But one thing I fail to comprehend is why majority of people and institutes neglect and discourage art department and art studies. Same case is here. Among positive signs, there are negatives too. As same as good, bad would be attached to it. Some of the faculty members think that students study there just for time pass and to gain good percentage by Chapai (cheating). That is why they don't want to bother themselves to be loyal and sincere to their profession. And sometimes it's really heart wrenching to see their behavior towards the Talib-e-ilm. One of the most annoying part is the lazy, ill-mannered and clumsy clerks. Huh. They deserve to be hit with right lesson. There's a serious need to make them realize that they are public servants and they're meant to serve people. They're not appointed to misbehave with girls. Other departments like Science, Commerce and Computer are equipped.

The old huge library is occupied with all sorts of respective books. But I'm unable to understand the myth behind the library and it's policies. Only the members of library and teachers are allowed to use them. This is the violation of the real use of library. This all is my journey of one month at this local college. During this time I have been depressed and impressed several times form the management and faculty. And this is one of the reasons along with people's discouragement which provoked me to pen down a blog about.

I hope upcoming twin years of my life in this institute explore new vistas of life and experiences. I aspire, while I stay in this institute, I contribute my part to change the fallacy of people about government institutes. I want to erase the riff between different classes of our society. I guess, this would be a thrilling experience along with severe criticism.

Someday, when I'll be on my deathbed, I hope that poverty, corruption and errant stuff would be eradicated from my land of pure, Pakistan.

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