Monday, October 14, 2013

Things We can do that WILL Change Pakistan.

Well deary, then prove it properly.
We all say we love Pakistan, we all say we can do anything for Pakistan and we all are ready to die for Pakistan.

On the other hand we are also a nation who is always willing to do the big things but unwilling to do the small things.

We always forget it is actually drops of water that lead to a sea or the bricks that lead to a building. Great nations are judged by the things they do, not by what they can do or are capable of doing.

How about we do the small things right? Thins we can do on an individual level, in our everyday life, which can bring the actual change we talk about. We are ready to kill, die and sacrifice for Pakistan so small things shouldn't be a big problem, right?

Keep Clean: We love Pakistan a lot but we don't keep it clean, we have this habit of throwing rubbish here and there in the streets, we concentrate more on keeping our houses clean and our streets dirty. If we just use dustbins to throw rubbish, we keep our country clean, that will be job half done.

Form a Queue: Everyone of us has to visit the government offices or banks or even bus terminals, do you see what happens there? It is all haphazard, everyone trying to get their work done quickly, no one forming a queue, if there is one, people love to break it, mess up everything. If we just show some patience and stay in a queue, everyone gets their work done turn by turn, as simple as it can get.

Know about your Country: Ask someone when Quiad E Azam or Allam Iqbal was born, ask them to  name the rivers, ask them to name the top mountains, ask them why we celebrate Kashmir Day, ask them the most common things about Pakistan and you'll be amazed, people barely know anything. Ask them about the list of songs of their favorite singer and they'll blab that within seconds.

Follow Traffic Rules: Some youngsters show how smart they are, old ones show how experienced they are by breaking the traffic signals, over speeding, driving opposite on a one way road. How long does it  take for a signal to open? What award do you get by over speeding? None. So why don't just keep calm and follow the rules.

Behave Nicely: How often do we see people talking rudely to the ones who are below them and how nicely to the ones who are above us or we want a favor from. Come on it isn't that tough, just a clean heart. Being nice to everyone doesn't take much, we are all humans and we are equal.

Respect Women: Leave the fact that women are treated unfairly and all that is a bigger issue. But disrespecting women is such a common thing these days, commenting on the ones who pass by is honestly the lowest level a person can reach, we can't forget that we have mothers and sisters back home and they go out as well.

Don't Abuse: It is such a common habit these days, using abusive words in every second sentence we speak, not only boys but girls these days are also not far behind. Have you ever given it a thought? It is the worst and easiest way to increase your sins. You make a habit of something bad and then don't even feel bad, now that's bad.

Do some physical activity: We come back from our school, college, universities. We eat, we sleep, we wake up, we either study again or sit in front of a television or laptop and then we sleep again. With every passing day the trend of going out in the evening, playing cricket of football, actually doing something physical is finishing. Bet you in the next 5-10 years 50% of our youngsters will be wearing glasses or suffer from obesity.

Use Cellphone as a Cellphone: We don't like it when our parents scold us on using cellphone all the time. Thanks to the night, text and call packages we use cellphone as if we will die without it.  The first thing we worry about when we go somewhere is Wifi. No other country in this world uses cellphone they way we do, the little time we have for family or etc, we spend it 'tiktikking' or playing games.

Stop Criticizing and Appreciate: We have made this a habit as a nation. We don't know how to appreciate something good, anymore. We have to criticize everything good and bad. Criticizing bad is good, but criticizing good isn't good. It has become a part of who we are now, even if someone does something good, or takes a step towards something good all the do is to find out flaws, in their personality, in the thing they are doing, in everything we can.

Make Real heroes your Heroes: Gone are the days when we actually had proper heroes. All we have now are celebrities and crushes instead of heroes and inspirations. We give more importance to cricket, music and TV icons, instead of people who serve this country who are our real heroes, people like Edhi, people like Greg Mortenson deserve better.Things We can do that WILL Change Pakistan.


  1. i totally believe the facts, and one can do easily if they really LOVE Pakistan.

  2. I always try to follow on my visit to Pakistan what you mentioned in this blog. May Allah protect Pakistan and help us build an educated nation ameen

  3. Pakistan is a Great Country I love each and everything related to it.
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