Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Horrors of Internet Addiction

We all use Internet these days, most of us use it more than necessary. I am among the guilty ones too, but it has become an addiction.

I remember the time when I barely used Internet, all I did was to keep track of the cricket related stuff going on. Most of my time was spent playing cricket or reading books.

This reminds me of the times when there were no such distractions. I mean, there were but we weren't addicted to it. Gone are the days when we could just sit or lay in bed and read a book without any distraction. But now, every five minutes we either have to check our cellphone, or our Facebook and twitter notifications.

There is this other trend of reading books online, to be honest I really don't understand how people do that, reading books needs a special feeling, a special atmosphere to do so, but well, things have changed let's accept that.  

We people have this habit of using everything excessively and then getting tired of it after sometime, I am sure that will be the case here too. Sometimes we prefer Internet more than our real life, but if we actually give it a thought, it really has no importance in our real lives. Sadly, we fail to understand that. 

The other day I was reading about an article about people who use Internet excessively and it had some interesting points. According to one research excessive use of Internet not only makes people lonely but they lose interest in life, they suffer from depression, restlessness and tension all the time. And if still they keep on using Internet they lose the power of controlling human body and mind, and becomes a psycho patient. A person who suffers from this, if we scan their brain, it shows similarities to the brain of a person who uses drugs.

The moment we wake up, I am sure 80% of the people who have a cellphone, log into their social accounts or check their text messages, which, thanks to software like whatsapp, viber and Kik are also dependent on Internet. 

You will be amazed to know that Internet addiction disorder (IDA) is officially a medical disorder now.

I'll type some interesting stories here which will tell you how much people suffer because of internet and it's excessive use.

A South Korean couple let their real baby died because they were raising an online baby. The couple had become obsessed with raising a virtual girl called Anima in the popular role-playing game Prius Online. The game, similar to Second Life, allows players to create another existence for themselves in a virtual world, including getting a job, raising a baby and etc. Last September after a 12-hour gaming-session the couple came home in the morning to find their daughter dead. The autopsy report said that the baby died due to the lack of food, the couple just fed the baby once in 24 hours because they had long gaming sessions.

Similarly a teenager, Hannah Smith was found hanged at her home after suffering months of bullying by anonymous ‘trolls’ on a notorious website. The girl was 14 years old and was taunted on She had also been urged to ‘drink bleach’ by the anonymous tormentors, friends said. Less than a fortnight before her body was found early last Friday, Hannah begged her tormentors – who can hide behind a cloak of anonymity on the site – to stop the abuse. In another post, she told one bully who had branded her an ‘ugly f*****’ how she had already attempted suicide and added: ‘Getting things like this from people that like to hide behind there (sic) computer screen doesn’t make me feel any better.’

Jason Russel was the director of Kony 2012, a short documentary film that went viral in the beginning of March 2012. In the first two weeks it gained more than 83 million views on YouTube and became the subject of intensive media scrutiny and criticism. Its subject is the Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony, his alleged war crimes, and the movement to bring him to the International Criminal Court.

After the release of the film, Russel slept for just 2 hours in the next four days because he was too busy explaining his video online, replying people, responding to the criticism and posting different links in his defense. He didn't even eat anything properly, didn't even meet anyone and then his body and mind began to get tired, he got so frustrated that one day he took off his clothes and began running on the streets in San Diago. One moment he swore aimlessly, one moment he was stopping the traffic on the road, the next moment he rang the bells and etc. Russell was detained by San Diego police and later was then taken to a local hospital. According to a family statement, the diagnosis was "brief reactive psychosis, an acute state brought on by extreme exhaustion, stress, and dehydration"

Well these are just a new examples, I hope we don't have to suffer anything like this. We should have a life, and we should have a balance in our life and trust me life has so much to offer, so much to do and so much to look forward to and explore.

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