Saturday, September 21, 2013

Karma, Kay-os and KitKat.

The best and worst pic I could google to describe my condition :D
I am on a phone call with my friend right now and her sister just woke up and I don't know why but she is one of my worst enemies ever so the call is on hold and the milk is boiling and I am here having breakfast while typing this article. I am also charging my phone with the laptop which has a song playing plus earphones are plugged in thanks to the call... add one more thing, Ufone computer operator is continuously saying " Baray Mehrbaani intazaar kijiye, please wait' .. While I am shouting back that I AM waiting but the computer won't listen. Chaos, I know. 

Okay that was a lame start but anyways.

Don't want to write anything serious, but I know I will end up doing so.

Yes I have a good news too. Finally Finding Neverland Blog reached 600,000 blog views from 207 countries around the world. With 550+ posts (I am sure 450 of those are written by me) from 35 writers living in 12 different countries and all that just in 2 years! I consider this an achievement. Thanks Allah and thanks everyone for your constant support throughout. 

These have been busy days for me, although there has been nothing much going on still this routine is tiring and barely gives me time to think about anything. 

Still in search of a Tailor named Taylor, just telling.

Minor things remind me about this boy who I saw a few days back, he adds to the list of people who actually taught me something in life. I guess I should tell about him in another post, a proper one.

Working out is a good thing right?  

'Small things gradually lead to bigger things' or 'small things matter a lot' and a few years back I was the last person to believe this. But now I know it is true, small things always lead to bigger things, you have shortcuts in life and you may achieve your goals through that but a foundation is always important. We usually ignore the minor things in life and they gradually pile up and haunt you later.

People actually think being related to a  celebrity is good but I mostly have had bad experiences. Whenever Pakistani cricket team performs poorly I don't know why but the behavior of my professors change with me completely, as If I am the captain of the team or I didn't perform properly.  

But it is fun to see people get excited about Cricket (At least we Pakistani do get excited about something) as if it actually means something to them. Arguing with me, debating, just makes my belief stronger that Cricket is the only thing left that unites us as a nation.

I actually feel like writing a lot but guess it will become a long post, a useless one.

Pardon the language, couldn't find anything appropriate.
By the way I was always curious about what karma is and what actually is the concept but other day this interesting thing happened and finally made me believe that Karma exists. You get what you give, whether it's bad or good.

Avoiding soft drinks is the most difficult thing to do in this world, like seriously. Just Saying 

I don't get along with quotes well and here is another example, a famous Chinese quote goes by ' 寧我負人,毋人負我. It translates to " I'd rather do wrong to others than allow them to do wrong to me. " 
My philosophy is that let people do whatever they want to and you just be good to everyone. In Chinese it will go by " 让人做任何他们想要的和你刚才大家好.  
Everyone tells me that not eating Kitkat in your life is something very strange, people have been telling me, asking me, requesting me to try it, now finally I feel left out , I should someday.