Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Was Special About Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

" I have seen everything around the world. Allah has given me respect and a lot of it, now I just have one wish.. To see Muslims respected and prosper. My wish is also that when I die my heart will speak for me that Jinnah tried his best for Muslims and never betrayed the followers of the great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) " -30th July 1948.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in a mediocre family, his father was a merchant, he had no political background, he didn't even offer prayers regularly. Apparently to bring a revolution you need to be perfect and Jinnah was anything but that, so why did Allah choose Quiad E Azam to be the founder of Pakistan?

He was perhaps one of the richest Muslims in the Indian subcontinent, one of the most famous lawyers for sure, who was even offered many high posts in England by the British government. He could have spend his life lavishly in another country, but he chose to do otherwise.

There must have been something special in him. There was.

It was the summer of 1941, the 23rd March resolution had brought a dramatic change in the politics of Subcontinent and hopes were high in the hearts of Muslims.
One day while Muhammad Ali Jinnah was in Bombay for a meeting, Governor General's wife came towards him and said.

'Why are you wasting your life here in India and want a separate homeland for Muslims when you can be on the top post in England?' She said.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah didn't say anything.

'These are the people who are illiterate, who will waste their lives working for us and will forget you one day, what will you get out of all this?' She kept on saying.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah took out his cigar, placed it in his hand, kept the woman waiting while he lit the cigar... There was silence all around and everyone who was present became nervous.

'I am a Muslim and I will die one day.' Muhammad Ali Jinnah said.

'When I die though, I just want one thing. On the day of judgement when I will have to answer for everything I did, I would love if Allah Almighty will call my name and say..

'Well done Jinnah, I am proud of you'. 

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