Monday, July 29, 2013


Take some time to read this and don't misunderstand him with someone he is not. :)

Raafay is a kind of friend that one would love to have. He is a person who loves making new friends and to explore human nature. He is a kind of guy who wouldn't mind saying HI to start a conversation. He is someone who would love to hear your story and would appreciate you wherever he could. But he would barely tell his own, not because he doesn't want to, but because he thinks HIS story as not as important as other's. Or no one would want to know it. Or he doesn't want people to be sad because of him. Even though the thing is opposite. Many of us know him a bit and want to know more about him, but we don't know how. Because we're not sure if he'd tell. He just wants everyone happy. So he makes sure that he's not hurting anyone, anywhere. From my perspective, Raafay is someone, who is different from the usual people of his age. He is better than them. In most of the aspects.  Although people misunderstand him by thinking  'He has already got so many friends, why would he need me? or he doesn't need me.' That's where we're mistaken. Thats where we hurt him the most. Without even knowing. Look, let me clear this thing. Each person has HIS OWN importance or place in one's life. And keep one thing in your mind, that NO ONE ELSE. Just NO ONE can replace YOU or the place that YOU hold in anyone's life. So be cool about it. He's someone, who would never let you go. Who would always hold on to you no matter how hard it is. Whatever happens, he'll always be by your side, to tell you that everything's gonna be alright. In your bad times, when eventually everyone else would leave you, he will stay with you. To show you the brighter side of things. You can count on him each time. But there are very less people on whom he can count. That is indeed a very sad thing. He too, keep expectations from others, but ends up getting hurt when people misunderstand him most of the time. The Raafay we know, is someone who has always been lively, cheerful, optimistic and happy. But only few people know his other side. Inside him, there is a person, who too gets hurt by peoples rude gestures and comments. But he doesn't show it.  Instead, he remains silent and doesn't hate them. Because he is strong. Stronger than us at least. He doesn't like to whine about his matters in front of others, unlikely us. He wants to bring change in our society, one person each. :) He's the kind of person who'd point out the good in you and would appreciate you for it. And even he'd try to bring it out, in front of others just so that you could be more confident about it. You wouldn't find even a fragment of proudness in him. Because it is not his nature, he behaves nice with everyone. Treats everyone with the same behavior. Even if you're his new friend. People oftenly misunderstand him with being a flirt. Let me tell you, there is a lot of difference in being a flirt and being nice to everyone. He feels that one can change others with positive behavior, so he does behave positively, to everything and to everyone. Even to the ones who hate him or who have left him due to any reason. He tries to find happiness in every little thing and loves to share it with others. He has every quality that you look for, in your friend.
Its been an year since I know him. This is what I came up with. There was a time when I also used to think the way others do. But I know where I was wrong. That was not the Raafay I used to believe he is. He is what I know of him now. And all of you should know too. o you don't hurt him even by mistake.
Happy Birthday Raafay, stay happy. Always. You deserve to be.


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