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List of Worth Reading Blogs.

'List of Worth Reading blogs. It will be ever growing and the most comprehensive list of blogs over the internet. But you'll have to share the links with FN yourself :)

Ghuncha Writes.
Ghuncha Farooq Khan
"Everything & anything that the brain can think of "

Shutter Buggin' Poet.
Mahnoor Hussain
" To Live. To See. To Travel. To Capture Life's beautiful Vignettes"

Biting Blissfully into a Divine Cupcake.
Yusra Hussain
"Hi, I'm Yusra and you're reading my blog. OMG, Thank you! "

Light of Heaven.
Taha Wyne
No Tag line.

Hira Nazir.
Hira Nazir
" I Am Me. Somtimes. Myself "

Wandering Thoughts of a Mental Retard.
Ayesha Yousuf
" Wandering Thoughts of a Mental Retard "

Huda Jaffar.
No Tag Line.

Komal Najam.
Komal Najam
" A girl. Her obsession with makeup and fashion and her cat "

Zulqarnain Shehzad Awan.
Zulqarnain Shehzad
" Writer (Story/Lyrics/Script), Director, and Photographer :) "

Rabia Sheikh.
Rabia Sheikh
No Tag Line.

Aamna Motala
No Tag Line.

On My Way.
"I like a lot of things, not your typical teenager. Pakistani, narcissistic, eccentric. کیسے مزاج؟ "

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