Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sandwich between Sadness and Happiness.

I read somewhere that life is like a sandwich. Birth is one slice and death is the other slice. What you put in-between the slices is upto you. Well let's give it a try. 

-Sad part of the Sandwich.

There are times when I have to write, it is a compulsion. Then there were* times when I felt like writing. I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone. I was missing that feel so I stopped writing about me, I still am missing the perfect feeling but somehow my conscience tells me I should write.

The best combination is when I feel like writing and I have something to write. When the thoughts just flow.

Friends leave you, I accept that.. they must have a reason. But .. how about this for a reason? " You have so many friends so you don't need me " ? This sadly happens with me a lot. People judge you from the outside, talking to people don't make them your friend. I really have a restricted friend circle. I maybe wrong but every person has their own importance in someone's life. At least in my life that is the case.

Can't do this anymore. :(
Gone are are the days when I was able to sit peacefully and read something. I don't have that stamina anymore, guess I should do something about it.

We were going for a walk the other day and this beggar was lying infront of a house. We went near him and saw he was unconscious, knocked at the door, somehow people managed to wake him up, he told that he has not eaten anything for the past three days because he has no money and work.. And then I remember the times when I don't eat the things I don't like .. or waste something worth eating. Imagine life... the extremes of life. Thanks God for everything.

I don't share much with anyone, why? I don't know. I just feel like people are not interested in listening to what you have to say. Keeping things to myself is something I have always done.Or maybe there are things I can never share with anyone. So the best way to make myself relaxed is to write. I am gonna write more often now... Umm but then I say this every time.

SADDEST THING: -- > Champions Trophy 2013 .. Enough said!

These sad and dry talks because I am listening to a slow song, let me change the song and write something more happening and switch my mood.


-Happy Part of the Sandwich.

Oooops! This song is too loud and noisy but oh well! Who cares. Hip hop changes my mood everytime.

Every time reminds me of Once Upon a Time. It is a series based on all the fictional characters we used to read in our childhood and it is a good change, tired of watching all those criminal and action packed series. Worth watching, will download the next season ASAP!

Phew! I remember a good thing. I have started working for International Youth Movement and Rise for Change. It has been fun so far, I am actually doing something.

Got a call from China the other day, and all I could heard was " Xing ming ding, zing ming ding, zing ming ding, Finding Neverland, zing ming ding, zing ming ding, zing ming ding. Okay I am kidding, I didn't even understand a single word. I don't know why chinese speak their language in such a fast speed, as if someone is after them.

Vacations... and traveling together is exactly what I wanted and it is exactly what I am getting. Enjoying every single moment of it. Add food, good food in this and it makes the perfect Trio :D 

Finally I was able to download Jawad Ahmad's latest album (after 10 years) YAAY to that! but the sad part in this was that most of the songs were the ones I have already downloaded over the past few years.

A Text I received from a friend: "Guess what? I was just sitting on my laptop the other day and an aunt of mine came upto me and said: "Facebook ke jaga kuch behtar karlo" So I was like: "Esa kya karoon aunty? " And then she said: " Finding Neverland Blog kholo aur dekho. MashaAllah say jawan qaum k liye ilm ka bohat faidamand zarya hai" Literally made my day :D 

The annoying, irritating, useless Mosquito
They say every species in this world is because of our betterment ... But then I thought about mosquitoes. I mean .. their life span is of 24 hours. They live in the dirty waters, they bite us, suck our blood and die... Where is out betterment? O.o 

But hey! Ramadan is fast approaching, and I am excited ... Imagine all the samosas, pakoray, fruit chaat, dehi bhalay, kachuri, lemonade, rolls .. and all other yumyum stuff.  

The song has ended, I guess that will be it. Let me go back to the old feeling.. Bubyee! 


  1. I'm sorry. That wasn't my reason. </3

  2. I'm sorry raafay. </3 that wasn't my reason.

  3. I'm sorry, raafay. That wasn't my reason though. I just can't do this anymore. :(