Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome to refugee life: Goodbye Pakistan.

Written By: Hameem, France.

Strange things are happening around me. Where we judge that patriotism, the love of one's own soil, the innate love for motherland is too light when it comes to talk about jobs, life and concrete human needs.

I was wondering what kind of nation we've become ? We sell our country, we sell our pride, we take a stay away and the whole life we live looking backward. As you know if you settle abroad having asked for political aisle you can't return back to your home country. It is such a lame that we have reached conditions making us insensitive. Too dheet. Or just helpless.

When u have to chose between education and future for your loving one's, when u have to survive, feelings such as patriotism have no role to play. No place to stay.

Our past is a part of ourselves. No matter how much you look forward. No matter how stronger relationship u build with Host Country. The country will stay Host Country.  No matter how much you are bound together. There will be moments you would like to come back. To see again the little yard you played in. To sit in the shadow of the same neem tree which shelter you as a youngster. You would like to see your mum. Your relatives. Your neighbours. And you won't be able to.

You'll call them. Have a chat on Skype. Share your life by tweeter, Google+, yahoo, Picasa, flicker. But the feeling of distance will remain.

To demand an aisle is such a brave act on sentimental level as much as we perceive it as betrayal. These people lost almost everything. Their dreams, their people, their shelter, their motherland.

I have like Martin Luther King a big dream. I hope there will be nobody obliged to offend the honor of Pakistan for survival, educational, nutritional, respect bases.i hope there will be time people won't flee Pakistan. I hope no more families will be torn by.

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