Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pakistani Youth Lacks Role Model.

Written By: Mehreen Arif

The current situation from which our country is going through, finding a good person may be a better idea more than finding a role model. Pakistani youth lacks role model mainly because our country lacks honest and loyal people.  Role model is some one whose life is worth following for every one, doing the right things, setting the right examples so people take inspiration and motivation.
Children learn through observation and experience, they need to have positive role models in their lives and our politicians are no motivation for youth. That leaves us pretty limited when we have to choose our role models. Our youth only idealize either sportsman or showbiz personalities these days. ShowBiz and music stars because of their charismatic personalities and stardom. Cricket stars because these people are a source of happiness for them along with the stardom tag. Media is playing its role in setting the minds of youth towards the showbiz people; they idealize and follow them, trying to adapt their appearance.  That is because we lack inspirational role models so youth goes after these charismatic personalities. Usually your leaders are the the ones who set a path and lead from the front bur youth is not happy with their leaders they blame them for current situation of country. Sad, but true. We do lack role models.

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