Thursday, May 23, 2013

Moans and Complaints.

Written By: Aqsa Faisal.
And finally, at last and definitely elections are over! I had been watching TV for continuously twelve hours during the high election fever. And for a whole week I had been dreaming that Imran Khan will win the elections and I'll witness naya Pakistan!
Yes, I dreamt Imran Khan doing that in front of Nawaz Sharif!
Unfortunately, Imran Khan did not win and became our prime minister! Yes he sure is handsome! (the reason majority of the women support him :P, and me and my mother starts singing the song: tu mera hero whenever his ad comes on TV :P)

I support this man for his ideology against status quo, for his step to introduce youngsters and new people to politics where they can reform their country of dreams! I support him for he is the person who can fight with the feudals and the families who have been ruling Pakistan for years! But more than I believe him, I believe in us! I believe if we all want, we will end up in a better situation. Vote for anyone you want and convince people if you think someone deserves to be our leader! But at the end of the day and elections (of course), stand united without regarding the fact your party  won or lost! Don't fight among yourselves and curse each other!

And my exams are starting from this TUESDAY! 

I can still feel the taste of gulabjamuns and ice cream that I had in school(last day of the school means party)! I succeeded in smearing chocolate cake on Yumna's face and it accidentally went in her nose! :P And I ate ice cream without a spoon and a bowl or a plate! Are you wondering how the hell I ate that! I ate it with the scoop without bringing it in contact with my mouth! Now, that's something!
Dream and don't ask too many things (which I fail to do) or fear will overcome you! Paulo Coelho.
Jo darr gaya wo mar gaya (the one who fears is dead!)

So angrez why you so afraid of Pakistani awesomeness?Believe in Pakistan and believe in yourself!

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