Friday, May 17, 2013

Delusions and the Truth.

Written By: Rejah Khawar.

What have I to lose except for the one virgin soul that dwells in a body full of vigor, zeal and curiosity? The body that bows to every adventure as resolutely as any apostle would have to the One he vowed to. Just like this complex structure of a perfectly blended melange that could go as far as the quest and hunger to satisfy its lore would take it.

That could be another macrocosm, some undiscovered terrine or a fortuitous encounter with the most subtle, profound authenticity of existence imaginable. But what good does it do if I have to smother my conscience to live my dreams, hush it every time it wakes up unless it slumps back to sleep or slit it unless it bleeds to silence? My soul should be as active as my body wishes to be without having to be sacrificed. I shall consciously give my frame away rather than even unconsciously, having my soul sold. It takes immense courage to murder the person within you but immense patience to adhere to it. I embrace patience, what about you?

Life throws hurdles of pines in your ways but you always keep your eyes for the blindingly exquisite rose. It allures you, blindfolds you, promises to be the most promising, the most satisfying but in reality, it's just a flower with no exceptional traits except for being considerably brilliant at deluding the human demur. And in the end that same conscience asphyxiates you, ridicules you, chastises you for what you made it believe into- a void, a chicanery, a fantasy. And it doesn't end. It never ends. It haunts you for the rest of life, every random second, minute or day, it'll strike you, shake you, show you your reality, your truth, your stance. Never lose your soul, never disown it for you don't have a soul, you are the soul, in that body.

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