Monday, May 27, 2013

Choose Your Friends Wisely.

15 Oct, 2012
12:45 a.m

I am not able to sleep, I have not cried for anybody like that except for my dad and few other people. Why is it, that when people leave, they leave behind their hasty footsteps that we're unable to retrace? Why is human nature so unkind? so uncaring? Why do they betray each other over and over again, breaking all those promises that they once did?
Why cannot we be loyal to each other like animals are to their owners? Why do people even consider this option (of leaving) and then go for it without even getting bothered by the memories, feelings they've once shared. And why is it so hard for some people to to forget it and move on by kicking it outta their mind. Maybe because they have lived that moments with them and they're stuck in them. Cannot move forward. Except keep missing and remembering the things they did together. And at that time, whatever one is doing, it feels like everything keeps reminding them of the other person or things related to that person. That is why it is said that 'Choose your friends wisely'. I'm not in the state of trusting anyone again. Ever.

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