Friday, April 26, 2013

If Raafay was Harry Potter.

What If I was Harry Potter? 
Few years back I dearly wished I was Harry Potter, that I studied at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I had a couple of friends I can do all the adventures with, problems can be sorted out just by a spell. But life isn't that simple and wishes don't come true as easily.

But wait.. what are the spells that I would have loved to learn? What if I actually had a magic wand? What if I actually was Harry Potter?

Wish I could cast the Alohomora spell on people's heart just to see what is inside it, how do they feel in real. From the outside people are totally different, pretending is just a part of who we are now.

Wish I could cast the Avada Kedavra spell so that I can instantly kill all the bad people in this world especially our political leaders who are destroying our country. ^_^

Would have casted this spell the most.
Wish I could cast the Colloportus charm so that all the secrets that are with me, all the feelings that I feel stay locked with me, I can hide things I should hide from the people, just to be a good pretender.

Wish I could cast the Deletrius spell so I could erase all bad memories, to wipe out all the mistakes that I have made just for the sake of inner satisfaction.

Wish I could cast the Expecto Patronum spell so that I can conjure an incarnation of people's innermost positive feelings, just to let people who degrade themselves know, how good they are, how good they can be.

Wish I could cast the Geminio spell so that I can create duplicates of all the people that I have lost, I may lose in the future, to create duplicates of all the good people around me and the ones who mean a lot.

Wish I could cast the Imperio spell so that I can make people do things my way, I can stop them if I see them doing something they shouldn't be doing, I can make them say the right things at the right time.

Wish I could cast the Legilimens spell so that I can see the emotions, thoughts and memories of others, just to know what they have been though, how have the struggled in their life, how have they've become strong enough to face the world.

Wish I could cast the Lumos spell just to lit the flame of light when there is complete darkness, or no hope, or there is no where to go, just to be that glimmer of hope in the dark times... and to help against 'load shedding' :D

Solution of Load Shedding.
Wish I could cast the Muffliato just to keep people from hearing the conversations of others, trust me if that happens half the problems in the world will be sorted out themselves. :D

Wish I could cast the Orchideous spell so that there be flowers everywhere, the fresh ones, the colorful ones, full of fragrance to switch modes, to make people happy for a few moments at least.

Wish I could cast the Protego Horribilis spell so that I can save people from something bad that is about to happen, just to be a source of protection for them as much as I can.

Wish I could cast the Quietus spell so that I don't hear people shouting at me, be it my parents who will shout on my waking up late, my roommates who shout when I'm in the washroom or my professors when I am not attentive :D

Wish I could cast the Rictusempra so that I can tickle people who are furious at me, just to make them laugh on serious things, if that's ever possible.

Wish I could cast the Scourgify to clean up my messy room, or the kitchen after I am done cooking because it is the worst place after my cooking adventures.

One day I will have to dance, that day I fear.

Wish I could cast the Tarantallegra spell on myself, so that I can dance because I really suck at dancing and I don't see myself taking dancing lessons in the near future.

Wish I could cast the Wingardium Laviosa spell because I don't know I just love the name of it and it is really long and makes no sense :D


  1. I only remember Wingardiun Laviosa, only because hermione made a correction in its pronounciation. :D it was like 'Its wingardium laviosa, not wingardium laviosaa' :P

  2. An awesome post. :)
    Make me remember Harry Potter. :D and all its spell. ;)