Friday, January 11, 2013

When Darkness Consumes...

 Written By: Amna Aziz

It feels like I'm drowning, 
Within the depths of my own mind.
The light's visible high above,
But the path into this deep well it cant find.
Isn't there any way out of here?
Its all dark tunnels, no beginning no end,
I know for I've wandered in them, for decades on end.
Searching for a door, 
A door that'll help me end this end this fruitless endeavor.
By the oceanic tides of emotions I was swept away instead,
Drawing me ever deeper, into their web.
Never for a moment loosening their hold,
And letting my face feel the breeze cold,
But extinguishing the flame of my heart,
Obscuring the luster of my intellect.
Around me is spread the debris of my being,
As if the emotional volcano has finally erupted,
Throwing me into nothingness, that..
Enhances the depth of this dark ocean,
Deepen's my heart's burning pain,
And tightens the knot on my cramped brain,
Embedding me ever more in this thoughtless oblivion.

1 comment:

  1. But extinguishing the flame of my heart-obscuring the luster of my intellect.
    Beautifully put. :)