Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Tragic story of iPhone 5.

Once upon a time, very recently, Zara had no cell phone and life was good. She remembered all her friends especially Raafay. But then one day she got her much awaited iPhone 5 and everything changed after that. All she did was stare at her phone all day, taking pics of her phone, using her phone with sterilized gloves and forgot everyone... Then one day Raafay messaged her .. :p

Raafay: Im Raafay, remember me? -_-
Zara: ofcourse not. who are you and why are you asking this? -_-
Raafay:  -_- Who asking what?
Zara: who are you? -_-
Raafay: Zara's ex best friend -___- :'(
Zara: I dont remember you. -________- 
Raafay: *Cries* *Faints* *Wakes up* *Stares at Zara in disbelief* *Shocked* *Dies* :p :(
Zara: Lol :D *Confused by what has happened* *checks if this stranger is alive or dead* *Takes the stranger's purse and mobile* 

Raafay: *Gets the drift* *Pretends to be dead* *Catches Zara's hand and bites it* :p

*Zara thinks that it is really horrifying* *She has never seen a creature like this* *Runs away* :P 

*Raafay thanks Allah that his money and cellphone are saved* *Gives running Zara another horrifying look* *Does the happy dance* :p
*Zara cant let this guy win* *Runs back* *Snatches the mobile an money* *Runs away like a lightening bolt* :P
*Raafay cant let Zara win* *While Zara was running away, empties the purse and changes the cellphone from HTC to Nokia 1100* *Happy that Zara is running away lightening fast* :p
*Zara sales the Nokia and uses 1000 rupees as Rishaw ka kiraya* *comes back to Raafay* *Checks his pockets* *Takes the HTC and runs like a lightening bolt Again* :P
*Raafay was expecting a comeback so he keeps himself on the alert* *While Zara is checking Raafay's pockets he silently takes out her iPhone 5* *Happy again that Zara runs so fast* :p

*Zara doesn't like jokes with her iPhone* *comes back and slaughters raafay* :P
*Raafay had the iPhone now, he had no point staying there* *Places a dummy of his with a plastic iPhone with a note BOOYA! * *Flies away like superman* :P

*Zara sees no blood when the dummy is killed* *thirsty with revenge she hunts Raafay* *throws an explosive at Raafay* :P

*Raafay is flying high* *sees Zara throwing explosive at him* *sees the explosive rising 4 feet high and hitting Zara herself* *AAAAH I lost a friend, flies away* :p

*Zara haunts Raafay forever* :P

*Raafay plays with iPhone 5 whenever he is haunted* :p

Zara: *Wont Raafay feel guilty?* :O

*Raafay plays with iPhone 5 whenever he feels guilty* :p

Zara: *Want kind of friend is Raafay?* :P

Raafay: *Just the same type who tries to slaughter her friend for money and cellphone* :p
Zara: *is Raafay talking to me?* :P 

*Raafay keeps playing with iPhone 5 and lives happily ever after* 
*Zaara is still haunting Raafay* :P
*Raafay plays catch catch with iPhone 5 and lives happily ever after* :p

Zara: *OMG dont do that with Zara's iPhone* *She do anything to get her phone back* :P
*Raafay shouts! Stop haunting me and I will stop doing it* *tosses the phone up* :P
*Zara catches the phone and this time makes sure its her iPhone 5 and vanishes* :P

*Raafay keeps on playing with iPhone 5, while Zara wakes up from a wonderful dream* :p
*Zara wakes Raafay up* *Asks him why is he doing actions with his hands in sleep* :P
*Raafay catches Zara, slaughters her* *Keeps playing with iPhone 5* :p

Zara: *OMG stop with the iPhone 5 already* :P
*Raafay says YAAAHOOO I won* :P

Zara: *No :O * :P
Raafay: *Pleaaaase let me win? :P * :D
Zara: *no me gusta* :P
Raafay: *Let me win and I give you your iPhone back ? :P *
Zara: *Take my iPhone but i wont let you win* :P
Raafay: *Starts playing with the iPhone again* :p
Zara: *OMG do anything with it but this! its so irritating* :P
Raafay: *Let me win, the story is dragging :P * *rubs my chin with Zara's iPhone 5*
Zara: *Dont do that!* :O *i cant let you win* :D
Raafay: *Please I beg you? :P ** Smacks a fly with iPhone 5* :P
Zara: *Still a no, maybe Raafay Can lose* 

*Zara throws a Lizard at Raafay and runs away* :P

Raafay: *Stops the lizard from Zara's iPhone 5 which Zara badly wanted* :p

Zara never returned for weeks after that. She was located at the premiere of Breaking Dawn and people say she was looking here and there trying to find her iPhone 5 because she wanted to take the pictures of Robert Pattinson but she couldn't find it .. somewhere in her mind though, she would be cursing the fact she didn't let Raafay win. If she had, you never know things could have been different!  :p


  1. *Raafay plays catch catch with iPhone 5* hahhahahahahahhha

  2. Thanks Danish :)

    Umm and Anonymous?:D

  3. It's hilarious. :D Damn. You guys are good at imaginations.

  4. Hahahahaha its sooo hilarious!! was it all imagination?? :D

  5. The middle part was imagination ofcourse :P