Friday, December 7, 2012

My random life in my random way!

This is a random pic and this post is a random one..

I just woke up and its Friday morning and I feel like writing randomly. Friday is mostly the worst day of the week for me and I have no reason to explain why it is so. But then Monday isn't a good day for most people. I like Tuesday for no apparent reason. Saturday mostly is the best day for me. It is also the most 'googled' day.  :D

Saturday reminds me that the semi final of Champions Trophy Hockey will be played on the same day between Pakistan and Netherlands. To be honest it was a miracle that we reached the semi final beating Germany. Keeping in mind that's what we do best. The unpredictable Pakistanis, we are.

Unpredictability reminds me of the weather. Its cold. Its dull and its dry and most of the times it gets depressing. The sun sets at around 5:30 in the evening. You have nothing much to do except sitting and watching TV or staying in your bed and blanket. Well, with music in ears, cellphone in hand it gets somewhat less boring in the end.  :D

Boredom reminds me of Playing Cricket. I was getting in a real good shape with all the hard work I had put in but then the usual breakdowns. I feel like giving up honestly. It's really hard to put yourself on a rehab and then fail again and again. Let's not really talk about it.

Talking reminds me of friends. There are people who are friends by default and there are people who call themselves as Friends, there are people who pretend to be friends and there are people who prove they are friends. Mostly around me I see people just calling themselves friends or pretending to be friends and hiding here and there when your friend actually needs you, not all the people are like this though there are good ones too. It's better to prove yourself a friend then just calling yourself a friend.

From smile I remember, this. After a flood in Philippines with his house and
everything destroyed, he is still smiling just finding a reason to smile :)

Talking reminds me of words. Words are fun. I love playing with words. But then using them at the right time is more important. Most of the times we don't realize that some good words you say can mean alot to someone and make them smile. Or something bad you say even as a joke or anything can hurt someone.

Hurting reminds me of quotes. People take quotes too seriously. In my opinion every quote has a counter quote for it. Every person can have their own suitable quotes from their life experiences. Life teaches you everything you need to learn, with time.

Time reminds me that I finished reading a book after all. It really was hard initially when I had totally lost interest in reading thanks to the Internet etc. But yeah now I feel like reading, again. For now I'll go for something interesting and full of thrill, just to keep my interest alive.  :P

'Alive' reminds me that I have to make breakfast and that I am hungry or maybe bored and that I have to study and that I have to charge my cellphone and laptop before the power cuts. I also have to meet a few friends today and play cricket and eat and drink and so many other things. I better hurry up now so yeah that's it for this post.


  1. Loved it!!!
    The continuity to be precise :D

  2. Haha thanks Farhan, so nice coming from you :D

  3. the flow of thoughts is great :)

  4. Thanks Amna you got the real meaning behind this post :D

  5. Maham not really if you read it carefully it was not really random :D

  6. This tells how bored you were. :P