Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My life: Boring yet Interesting.

Please note that I am sleep typing everything from my cellphone, I won't read it, I won't remove the typos and won't edit the grammatical errors and etc etc so read at your own risk:D

Whenever I think of writing about my life I plan so much stuff to share, but when I actually start writing, everything that looked interesting in the start becomes boring and dull. But I do write whatever comes in my mind.

But these last twenty days or so have been the easily the worst few days of my life. Sometimes Allah tests you and then Allah loves you.. Umm lets skip to other things already. 

There is a play ground right in front of our house where mostly kids play cricket. Of course most of our youngsters follow Shahid Afridi and are bound hit huge sixes that end up in nearby houses. So this happens almost daily and most of the shots end up in our front lawn, we being a cricket loving family don't mind that. Most people don't. But there is this one family who do mind and they have found a strange way of tackling this. Throwing garbage right in the middle of the play ground so that the kids can't play cricket. I mean isn't it ridiculous? I mean what can a tennis ball do? Split your head in two pieces or damage your car? To solve one problem of yours, you create problems for everyone around you? Sometimes when I see such people it dejects me and makes me wonder where we are heading as a nation. -_-

YIKKESS! I'm scared :D
Okay what else is happening in my life. Hmm! Ohh yes. I wrote this article for Express Tribune just a week ago, on Shahid Afridi. Tried my best not to write something that will fall in the category of being 'emotional' , tried my best to write all the positives of Afridi and state the facts on why he was removed from the team. But still People sent me hate mails and death threats and abuses. People these days have so much time. But it was good to see almost 80% of people agreeing with what I said, glad to see we are developing some cricketing sense. :D

Haha I remembered something interesting here. One day when we had to come back from Blue Area Islamabad, we stopped a taxi driven by an old age uncle. We compensated and thought the taxi driver didn't know the exact traveling rates and were happy about the bargain. So just to laugh about it we started talking in english with each other on how we were easily able to find such a taxi driver in a city like Islamabad. Just when we were deep in our conversation the taxi driver said " So now we gotta turn left? " .. believe you me, that was one of the most embarrassing moments ever. :p He told us that he actually had to visit some relative in the same sector as ours so he asked for less amount. It taught me never to underestimate anyone or make fun of them. Lesson learnt.

In the same city just near our apartment there are some shops of the Nigerian community. They are good people actually and we really got mixed with them in a matter of few days. So this one day during our exams my friend visited and stayed for a night. We went down stairs to buy something to eat and drink when my friend asked " Raafay, Inko english aati hai? " I said " Yes, bohat fit " So he was like " Chal english bolte hain inke saath mineral water ki bottle letay hain" my friend went into the shop and was like " I need .. umm .. wo .. a ... yaar kya kehte hain .. umm .. a " well at that very instant the shopkeeper  ' Miss. Jouwany ' spoke in her  forceful voice , " Beta paani chahye? " and my friend came running out of the shop. :D

... and lets end on this -> :D haha have a nice, happy and laughing week because the next week is going to be full of excitement, tension and etc, If you know what I mean. :D


  1. Hahahaha! I like the taxi story. and nigerian story two. life is full of surprises \(>¡<)/