Monday, December 17, 2012

Life, Trust, Love and the never ending cycle.

Written By: Ifra Javed.

Words spinning. Phrases made and broken. Thoughts scattered. My current state of mind. Why? – Broken Trust.

You trust people they betray you, make excuses, and finally manage to earn your trust back. Not completely, but as much, that you tell them “Okay, I trust you.” And again it happens. Trust is broken and the cycle continues, until one of you pulls out or bothers no more.

When broken, it isn’t just the trust. It’s the heart too. The heart is betrayed. The heart is annoyed at its own foolishness. The heart gave a little place in itself to that specific person, and that person burns his own abode.

Man is unique. Weak. Sensitive. Delicate. Fragile. At a point in our lives we realize all this. Like I did. Usually we realize it when we are indeed broken. Then, its too late. Seldom it occurs to us when we have the opportunity to fix this disaster. Mostly, its too late.

The busy life that we live, we nourish only our body. Food and water. It keeps us alive, keeps us going. We forget to peek inside our soul, to see if it needs anything. To see if it is satiated. So busy in our life, that we forget to feed our soul. We forget to love. To be loved. Jealousy and lust, on the other hand, are always present. The soul survives but remains unaware of the cancer growing inside it. Until, it is completely lifeless. Rotting in lust. Burning with jealousy. Craving for love.

It is indeed never too late. Love is the cure. Love awaits. Unfortunately, the people in this world, whos souls have begun to rot, have changed the meaning of love. Love was free. Love was beauty, still is. Love gives, it asks for nothing. But for some love is betrayal. Love is broken trust. Love is dejected commitment. Those with rotten souls have made the world heartless, their burned souls have made their hearts ice cold. Currently beats sincerity. War takes over peace. Hate amalgamates love. The result, is the world we live in.

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