Monday, November 19, 2012

Gaza Burns while We Sleep.

What do we write about such a brutal act? It's all visible , in front of our eyes.

I don't even have the strength to write anything when I see the dead bodies of innocent kids. But I have to fulfill a promise to write about it.

It's our own mistake, we are getting what we Muslims deserve. We are people with dead hearts who can't even stand for our own rights. We don't even have the courage to call something wrong, wrong. We can't even stop someone from harming us. 1.6 billions Muslims make up 23% of world's population can't even stop Israel, who has a population of just 7.8 million and is surrounded by Muslim countries all around. All the Muslims of the world can easily run over Israel in 2 minutes if they want.

We can easily blame our leaders for this. We should, as they represent us. What at most will happen? Arab League will meet and condemn this act? OIC the sleepiest of organizations will have a meeting and condemn? I mean just condemn? I'm pretty sure if the top three countries of Islamic world Turkey, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia just threaten Israel not to attack Palestine ever, Israel wont even have the courage to do so.

What about the general public? lets take the example of Pakistan. We are the only super power of in the Islamic world. But look at us we see loads people die in bomb blasts and target killings daily but we eat, sleep, sing and dance and laugh everyday. All we care is about ourselves, that we are safe. 

Lets not even expect foreigners to speak for us if we can't for ourselves..

But still, what is UN doing here? A dry and dull message from the UN chief and that's it? Had it been any other non Muslim country in the world UN would have gone crazy already with sanctions, meetings, statements all over the television and papers and websites.

USA has defended Israeli attack? An attack that's killing innocent kids and women is being defended by the biggest 'Peace keeper' of the world. A country where people cry for the death of their pets for days are defending the killing of innocent kids, some of them who can't even walk. 

And what about the media? BBC , CNN, FOX etc? Now can you call yourself neutral? BBC the most neutral network as they say, where people resign on a wrong news, can't even say a word on the death of their own reporter's child? WOW! Shame on you!

BBC reporter with the dead body of his child.
Shame on each and everyone of us. All we can do is to update status messages and tweet about it. As if that will work? We are easily on the last level of humanity. They say if you see brutality stop it by force, if you can't stop it by force then speak about it, if you are dead enough and can't even speak atleast in your hearts call it wrong, and that's what we are doing. But it's of no good.

I cry, I still have tears in my eyes, but I am no different, I am good for nothing. 

"The rockets maybe above us but they have forgotten that Allah is above them" A Palestinian Kid says.

Yes Allah is above all but remember, Allah helps those who help themselves. 

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