Thursday, November 8, 2012

A December Stroll

A warm fur coat, with collars upturned,
A woolen hat, and long boots too,
with a steaming cup of coffee in my cold hands,
Dressed for my winter stroll,
I stand beside my door.
I walk in the silvery thread of moonlight;
Sheltered by walnut trees on one side,
The frosted pavement on the other.
Singing old songs to myself,
of love and joy, of happiness and peace.
Down the road my steps go, with me lost in thoughts..
Of friendly chats by the parlour fire;
Those snowball fights with exhilarated spirits;
That hot chocolate milk every night;
The reluctance to leave the warm quilt each morning.
Too warm and cozy my thoughts are, for i feel drowsy,
And Oh! i mourn, for I've wandered far by now.
Turning, I begin to trench back towards home,
My vision slightly blurred by the now falling snow.
Its velvety flakes tickle my cold skin.
I can make out the front door now.
I walk gaily the remaining steps,
swinging about lamp-posts and around letter-boxes.
Happily, I let myself in at the front door,
Accompanied with its everlasting mystique,
Winter's come to visit once more.